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I am using the mouse with a apple wireless keyboard which is 100% (battery) but the magic mouse is 83%.

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    Well, I'm assuming you using low quality batteries for the mouse...

    i had the same problem.
  • First Magus Level 6 Level 6

    One thing to consider is a mouse usually gets a lot more use than a keyboard so the mouse batteries will go down faster.  I put freash batteries in my keyboard and mouse but have to swap out the batteries on the mouse sooner.  I use the Apple batteries.





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    I have had my imac for about a month.  My magic mouse battery level was at 9%.  I removed the batteries and immediately replaced them. Two days later, the battery level is at 21%. 

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    I've found the same thing ... magic mouse batteries go down fairly quickly. Thankfully I use rechargeable batteries (Sanyo Eneloop batteries which hold a charge for a long while until used), so it hasn't been too annoying. I replaced them earlier today where they showed 100% and maybe 6 hours later they are showing 87%.

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    Interesting.  I've been using a Magic Mouse for almost a year and a half for a few hours on a daily basis, and I've replaced the batteries maybe five times.  I get a ton of mileage out of my batteries (Sanyo Eneloops).  Is there a software update for the mouse?

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    I have used many different mice during the years and this one has the poorest battery life!  No comparison!


    I now use the Sanyo Eneloops which are a huge inprovement, but they still drain very quickly.  To compare... my Logitech lazer mouse batteries need to be replaced ... maybe once every 9 to 10 months.  So this is baloney saying the mouse gets so much use... etc etc etc...


    I found it very interesting a few years ago when Apple, instead of fixing the battery problem, started selling and "green" marketing their battery charger.


    If Apple wanted to fix the battery life problem, they could.  They just choose not to!  Not very green!

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    Me and my wife have two identical Magic Mouse (though we bough them at different time at different stores).  We both use Apple rechargable batteries. Mine last about 10 days, my wifes last 2-3 month. I do use my mouse more, but still - 10 days seems too short.

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    I'm not sure how much a factor the range of the mouse is, but could that be causing more of a drain for your mouse?  Since this is a radio-based product, interference is also going to be an issue (maybe).  Best way to eliminate possible causes is to swap your mice and see what kind of battery life your wife gets with your mouse, and vice versa.


    FWIW, Apple batteries are rebranded Sanyo Eneloops.

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    I also used to have this problem with my magic mouse.  My magic mouse batteries died and I ran out of batteries and didn't want to get anymore.  I actually had a set of extra lithium batteries for a camera that I used.  Those energizer lithuim batteries seem to last wayyyyy longer that any other batteries I've used.

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    Ive got 2 mac mini


    the magic mouse is a tad of a battery hog.


    My magic mouse (both of them) use batts. about 3X as fast or more than keyboard, for obvious reasons.


    Mouse is perpetually sending signal when moving and gets a lot more transmission output than typing by a long shot.



    Magic mouse is transmitting about 20X as much as a keyboard is, why would you wonder why its using more batteries? 

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    Because when I first got it the batteries lasted for 3 months, now I get low battery indicator after 3 days.

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    Perhaps that mouse has a defect.


    Or a seasonal adjustment disorder

    since mice eat more in wintertime.


    Have you tried other brand batteries?


    Depending on the age of the mouse

    it may need to visit an Apple Store

    to see if they have an answer. It may

    be too old for any replacement scheme.


    Good luck & happy computing!