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Because of the way iTunes 10 handles enhanced audio podcasts, and the embedded chapter images - forcing ALL images into a square box, regardless of image dimensions - I don't want to upgrade from v9 until Apple stops forcing round (or rather rectangular) pegs into a square whole.

I still want to apply the other software updates, I just want to keep iTunes v9 as it is. I realize I can deselect the iTunes updates, but I would prefer to eliminate the possibility of accidentally applying an iTunes update to v10 and then going through the hassle of recovering v9.

If any one has any suggestions on how to completely disable updates for iTunes from Software Update, I would appreciate a posting detailing the process.


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    Sorry, but you can't, to the best of my knowledge. At least, I can't think of any reliable mechanism by which this could be done. You can set Software Update to ignore the current iTunes update, but it will present the next one when it's released. There's no way to completely and permanently block all updates for a given application. It might be possible to tinker with the permissions for the iTunes app so as to lock it, but my guess is that any such permission change would prevent iTunes from working.


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    yes you can, you just need to have no net connection, pointless lolll
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    Thanks, Dave.

    I was hoping there might be a terminal command, or something that was not obvious.

    I understand when Apple dev needs to add new features to support new revenue streams, by why do they have the screw up functionality that works and has nothing to with those new features?!

    Oh, well. Guess it is time to sharpen up those programming skills.

  • Gary Sumlak Level 3 (615 points)
    FYI - There is a actually a solution to this.

    Mac OS X: How to Make a Software Update Inactive or Active


    This process will cause Software update to ignore the current update to an app, and ALL future updates as well, but still allow you to resume updates at a later date.

    So far it seems to be doing the trick.

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    You could change your router, adsl or your gateway settings and disable it from accessing to the apple (iTunes), after you did everything you should do on iTunes.

    when you required to access to iTunes, simply you could enable the changed setting and reenable your router to access to iTunes, for example for update your apps every weeks.

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    In Mountain Lion, you can shift-click or right-click on the update, and choose Disable.

    It hides the update, and allows you to proceed with other updates as you need.

    It has always been a problem for me, because I do not use iTunes or Airport, and it is a relief to be able to disable them when I upgrade now. Unfortunately now, these updates will re-appear when new updates are available from AppStore. Gah.

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    In Mavericks, right click on the iTunes update message inside the AppStore, then a "hide update" option shows up.

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    This is now a moot point, as the iTunes installation has happened, against my wishes. It's just a part of the Mavericks update. So each time it launches, I click "Decline" and it goes away. It does not show up in my update list, and I cannot search it in the AppStore. But it still exists as an impedence on my Mac, and I want to remove it, and any reminders of it.

    Apple, surely you have a better way of dealing with customers with specific needs? I love the OS, but I have so much bloatware that I don't need/want. And I really hate the lack of transparency with iTunes and its deep integration into the OS.

    Mavericks is about to be rolled back, on my laptops.


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    Had the issue with the latest iphone ios software with an outdated itunes. Keeping getting the annoying message every second since they won't sync.


    on itunes application:

    itunes menu ---> Preference --->Advanced ---> uncheck check for new software updated automatically.


    simple. running itunes 11.1 mountain lion 10.8