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I have gone through the steps to restore contact between Windows XP and my iPod Touch. The two times I have done this were successful. After approximately 2 weeks, iTunes will no longer see my iPod. ALL of the instructions to completely remove all Apple software from my computer, and reinstall, have been followed to the letter. The iPod will charge through the USB cable, the computer makes the beep that a device has been connected, but iTunes will just not see my device.

This problem is extremely aggravating. What is causing this to happen? Is there someone in the know that can give me some insight? I am very impressed with my first Apple gadget, so much so that I am considering an iPad. But, I don't want to add to my misery!!

Any help will be appreciated!

Dell Inspiron 600m, Windows XP
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    I got iPod Touch Jailbroke 4.1 2G 8GB M model. For some reason when I plug it in, it is recognized by computer but not iTunes. I think this is because of Wi-Fi Sync, I deleted I but did not uninstall it. I NEED HELP!!!!!
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    Dr.Doof, we can't help you here since you jailbroke your iPod. Sorry.
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    Did you manage to sort this issue out, I am having the same problem!
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    Yep - we are having exactly the same problem! Everything was working fine 3 days ago and just yesterday - it's no longer recognising my daughters Ipod Touch, but does display the 6 songs she bought the other day even though her ipod contains 130 songs. They newly purchased songs won't synch over at all!

    This is just so frustrating. I've done everything I can possibly do and to be honest I'm very much over it! Itunes appears to be so unreliable these days!

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    Hey All..

    You guys can maybe try these support page:

    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Device not recognized in iTunes for Mac OS X

    iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

    Hopefully this has been of some use.

    Best of luck..

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    Hi Ricky,

    Thanks for those links mate, but unfortunately they don't help our problem!

    I'm honestly at my wits end.

    We plug the ipod in and itunes recognises it. The ipod has about 150 songs on it, but it will only recognise the last 6 that she's bought from itunes - thats ALL that it says is in her library.

    Now, when you click on her 'ipod' and it brings up how much capacity is used (it you can see by the graph the pod has heaps on it) and then you go up to the top to the tab 'music' that little box that says 'synch music' - that is NOT ticked like it should be. However, when you do select it - it says that the ipod and all its contents will be deleted and filled with music from her current library.............which are the last 6 songs she's bought from itunes. Does this all make sense?

    She is using the same computer she's always done - has changed absolutely nothing in the way she synch's her pod and computer. These settings seem like they've changed over night!

    She gets a brand new laptop for school this year, so we're just hoping that when we install itunes on that for her - things will just all synch. Other than that, the only other option she has it to buy music from her pod - which is fine except with all the computer dramas - homesharing wont be an option anymore!

    I just wish I could find a solution cause at the moment I'm really cranky about it - especially when it was working 4 days ago just fine!

    If anyone has any ideas of what we can do - please share them!
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    Sorry that you are still experiencing problems with the iPod Touch. Let's try some other stuff:

    stamper272001 wrote:
    it says that the ipod and all its contents will be deleted and filled with music from her current library.

    Normally when it says this, it means that the iPod is synced with another machine. It's very strange as you listed that it isn't.
    In this instance I would restore the iPod touch and begin as normal. I assume that as this is the iPods main library, that all it's current content (music, video, books, apps etc) are stored on the computer?

    If this is the case then it will be no problem resyncing them back on to it. This will for sure fix the problem - although it's disappointing no to be able to tell you what has caused it.

    So - to restore:

    1) Connect iPod to iTunes
    2) Click on your iPod from the column on the left under devices
    3) When the iPods home screen comes up you should have the an area in the middle which gives you 2 options: 1 to check for updates and 1 to restore. Click on restore.
    4) iTunes will now prompt you with the message about losing all the content on your iPod. As long as you have all the content on your iPod on this computer then I wouldn't worry as you will be able to resync it right back on there. At this point anything that is on your iPod that is not on your computer will be lost.
    5) iTunes will now restore your iPod to factory settings. When it's finished you can set up your iPod again.

    Before doing this you can check your iTunes to see if it has made a back-up of your iPod. If this is the iPod's primiary library/computer the it should be backing up the device every time you connect it. You can check for the back-ups by looking here on your mac/pc:

    iTunes > Preferences > Devices > You should see your iPod in the box along with the date and time it was last backed up.


    If there is a backup you should be able to restore the iPod to it's most recent back up once iTunes has restored it to factory settings.

    I hope this has helped - give it a try and let me know. It should solve the problem...it might take you 30 minutes to do it but it usually fixes most things.

    Best of luck..

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    Hi again Ricky!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to help us with this ipod problem - I really appreciate it.

    What I'm going to do is wait until she gets her new laptop issued to her at school and then start afresh. This laptop she has is about 8 years old and yesterday, it wouldnt connect to the itunes store and was doing other weird stuff, so I'm wondering if something is not quite right - actually I'm pretty sure something is amiss with it! lol

    I've printed out your instructions and will try those as soon as her new lappie is set up if we're still having problems.

    I sure hope everything goes smoothly with it -cause we have 4 ipods and 4 laptops in this house and hers is the only one doing weird stuff - thats why it all had me so puzzled!

    I'll pop back on this thread when we're up and going to let you know how we went........or didnt go! lol

    Thanks ever so much again - you've been more than helpful to me!


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    Hi Karen..

    No problem at all - please let me know how it goes.

    All the best..

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    You made one happy customer, but I still haven't seen a decent response in all the forums for why iTunes randomly stops recogizing my iPod Touch. Going through the complete uninstall/reinstall works, but I can't do that every month.

    I decided to try trying to un/re individual components of the Apple software to try to find a simpler solution. Simply un/re iTunes did not work. My next step was to try the Apple device driver since the USB charging worked, but not the connection to iTunes.

    Uninstalling the device driver on its own triggered a message in iTunes that said iTunes had to be uninstalled and reinstalled to enable the device. Choosing the "Repair" option when running the iTunes uninstaller did not work. After completely uninstalling iTunes and reinstalling, my device is now working with Itunes again. Hopefully this will last for awhile.

    If anyone knows of a more permanent fix, please feel free to share. I haven't found a way to contact Apple directly with this concern without paying. With any luck, they watch for issues in this forum and will come up with whatever changes need to be made.
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    I was having trouble with my touch and kept going thru all these steps and nothing would work. i finally disabled my wireless and it works everytime.