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I just loaded the Snow Leopard update 10.6.6 on all my Macs. My iMac has been fine, but my late 2007 MacBook Pro 17" is now locking with a flashing or flickering white screen. The last image on the screen stays, but the screen flickers or flashes on top of it. Only solution is to power the MacBook off and on. The flickering seems to happen more when I try to run Angry Birds, but has happened when the machine is just sitting idle too. Anyone else seeing this?

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    My macbookpro15 do the same after I upgrate to 10.6.6, and fixed by it self without me. Until now. It start flick on start up before my password and continue after this. I dont know but, when a turn off the auto controle of bright (sensor of ambient light on Monitor preference), the problem appear to fix.

    if I discovery more things i will post here. Thanks
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    Sorry, I gave wrong information, my mac book pro is 13" and I use Geforce 9400m, and now the screen become only white. But external monitor is ok. I think de grafic card is down to LCD screen.
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    I have a similar issue since upgrading to 10.6.6.
    What happens in my case, is that, randomly, every few minutes, a window will flash and refresh.
    It has never happened while working in a window, but mostly in an inactive window and is not software specific. It also happens in Safari windows.
    I would suspect it's a GPU driver problem.