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My dad recently had some serious problems with his Aperture library.
The first issue was with landscape and portrait and stretched / squashed preview images. Many preview images also appearing very blurred.

Rebuilding the library did fix this issue. but it reappeared again after a while.

Other previews only show up on a quarter of the screen, rather than strtching over the whole screen, filling the rest with distortion.

image – https://files.me.com/enamic5/jfrc1b

The next issue which seems a bit strange is with the amount of images. Opening Aperture 3.1.1 results in a different amount of images every time it is opened (roughly 20.000 images). Sometimes with 3000 images more all of a sudden. These images are duplicates of originals as well as copies, and show up next to them. with up 30 duplicates of a single image. selecting one of the duplicates of one image and trying to delete them, deletes all the duplicates of that image which have been randomly created. Deleting 4 duplicates sometimes only shows then just 1 or 2 images in the trash.

Rebuilding the permissions as well as rebuilding the whole library, resulted in some of the duplicates vanishing. But after a relaunch of the application, more duplicates reappeared.

After any relaunch Aperture also starts to reprocess about 200 pictures, even when nothing was done to the library.

A preview image that shows the randomly created duplicates can be viewed from the link below. this also shows the small non-link icon (?).


I am usually quite OK on Macs, but struggle to help my dad on this.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

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