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    The MAS EULA is not limited to 5 computers. The MAS apps can be installed on any Mac that the user owns or controls, without limit. But the app that you have on CD is not the same app that is available from the MAS. There are differences. You got what you paid for when you bought your CD. When the next paid upgrade to iWork suite is released, your sour grapes argument will be a moot point. There is nor more Apple boxed software and the upgrade will only be available through the MAS. You can keep crying about your situation, claiming that Apple has shot itself in the foot, as Apple continues to be the success that it is, the second most valuable company on the planet.

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    I have no issue with you strongly disagreeing with me, all I was saying, is that how Apple have set up their business model.


    I too purchased iWork as a CD in 2009, but I purchased that software under a license agreement for that CD, not for the MAS. Just like you did. If Apple decide to change their T&C that's fine, but it's not for me to decide that, it is up to the manufacturer of the product.


    Apple are not forcing you to buy their software, Apple are not stopping you from buying software from other sources, the MAS is just one store, if you don't like their T&C, don't buy it.


    As far as Apple deciding to give to your personal charity, maybe you should contact them directly and request it.



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    I had a seemingly similar situation where I had iWork '09 installed (from DVD) then upgraded my computer to Lion and every time I opened an iWork program, it would tell me there was an update available but neither Software Update nor the Mac App Store would offer the updates as available.  I realized why:  in my Applications folder, I had earlier moved the Pages, Keynote, and Numbers apps to the top-level of the Applications folder rather than having them reside within the iWork '09 folder as was the default.  That's why Software Update couldn't "see" the applications: because it was looking within the iWork '09 folder.  Moving the apps back into the folder and running Software Update again fixed it.

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