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I'm hoping somebody can help me. I just got a new Sony Bravia HDTV(KDL-46HX8) and yesterday when I hooked it up to my MBP(my first Mac, bought in December) everything worked great. Today when I hooked it up everything worked fine, until I closed the lid on my MBP. When I close the lid and wake up the mac I get an error on my TV that says "Unsupported Signal. Please Check the Device Output". This is driving me crazy because everything works fine when the lid is open(mirrored displays @ 1280x800 or dual displays at 1080p) but when I close the lid and try to use my TV as the primary monitor I get the error. I don't understand why because it was working PERFECTLY yesterday. All I want to do is run my TV at 1080p as the primary monitor, can anybody help?
I have updated my software, reset the TV, played around with every single resolution setting but nothing has worked.
Please help, this is frustrating enough to make me get another laptop!

13" Macbook Pro (2010), Mac OS X (10.6.6)