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I have been unable to connect my Mac Pro successfully to the internet in 3 days. Im using a 2008 MP w/ b/g/n extreme card, and Airport Express 802.11G. Firmware & OS are up-to-date.

I run a B&B, so i have guests very frequently, and none have reported problems with the network/Internet. My iphone & ipad connect to the network/Internet with no problems. My Mac Pro connects half the time to the network, but won't connect to Internet or print wireless, and the other half i get a 'Connection timeout' kickback. Airport Utility is unable to locate the Airport Express, even when i do join successfully.

. I took the MP to an apple store, and it connected to a network / internet with no problems.
. any other machine/device can connect to the Airport Express no problem.
. ive reset all caches, including kernel.
. I've booted into an external 10.6 and i get the same results.
. I've factory reset the airport express 2x.
. I power cycled the cable modem.

Sorry for such a long post... At this point im completely lost, and as a result im typing all this on my ipad : )

Mac Pro 2.8x8, Mac OS X (10.6.5), NVidia GT 120 | 10GB | RAID 0 | 20" Samsung | 23" ACD
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    Try the following on your MacBook to see if it helps.

    o Open System Preferences (gear icon) on the dock
    o Open Network
    o Click on AirPort on the left
    o Click on Advanced at the lower right
    o Locate the name of your network on the connection list, click it to highlight it and then click the - (minus) button at the bottom of the list to delete it
    o Do the same for any other old networks or networks you see that you do not use
    o Click OK at the lower right, click Apply at the lower right

    o Open Applications > Utilities > KeyChain Access
    o Locate the listing with the name of your wireless network
    o Delete that listing. You can right-click on the listing and select delete to do this
    o Restart your Mac Pro.

    You have now deleted the record of your old network (which may have had some corrupted settings). Locate your Mac Pro near the AirPort Express so that it will receive a strong signal and try to log on to your network again.
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    Thanks for your response!

    I tried this already, and addition have set the airport express to factory default twice and have booted into an external 10.6, which would do something similar right?