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i have an iphone 3gs,and it is synced with my old laptop
have new laptop now(still have old new has backup) but when i go and sync my iphone to new laptop,its says its synced with old laptop,and iphone can only be synced to one account
when i do try to sync to new laptop,it says that it if i sync,all my music etc will be replaced,does that mean,it will wipe out all my music,photos,films,apps that i have down/uploaded

iphone 3gs
  • Pedro Candeias Level 1 Level 1
    I have a similar problem, and google results are thin on this.

    The difference is that in my case I had to format the drive without having the chance to back up anything. Now that everything is up and running, I'm trying to sync the iphone to itunes and it won't let me do it without erasing all my data. Which is obviously unacceptable.

    So what's the solution for this?
    Thanks in advance.
  • King_Penguin Level 10 Level 10
    An iPhone (and iPod Shuffle for that matter) can only be used with one computer (second note towards the bottom of this article http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1202). One way to kind of get around it is to copy all your content onto the new computer first (music, films, apps etc) then you'll be able to re-sync them back onto it. I think that having the apps on the new computer before syncing should mean that you won't lose their data/settings off the iPhone (or at least that's what happened with me when I moved computer).

    If the worst does happen then you can re-download apps from iTunes for free; but you can't re-download media (music and films and tv shows) so you should always backup your iTunes library.
  • Pedro Candeias Level 1 Level 1
    You're right!

    If I transfer my purchases to itunes first, then accept to "erase and re-sync", everything stays the same (as it should). I'm really relieved!

    I think the problem is that the "erase and re-sync" message is too scary and unclear. Reading it, one worries about erasing more than just the library.

    Well, thanks again and I hope this also solves the op's question.
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    Hi there,

    I have this problem too.

    Due to a virus I had to reinstall windows on a new partition.

    I can still access most of my old drives, but I don't know where the apps and movies are.

    Should they be in the 'itunes music' folder? or somewhere else?

    Could someone point me to where these thing are so I can copy them across?


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    Hey i have a similiar issue, my old laptop died, i only had my music backed up.

    so i still have my music on my computer but it says it has to wipe EVERYTHING in order to sync?

    surely there has to be another way? i have a lot of apps/photos/files on there that i need or are very important... why would a company that makes so many billion have such a ****** flaw in their product?
  • King_Penguin Level 10 Level 10
    By default on XP I think apps (folder name 'Mobile Applications'), movies (folder name 'Movies')and TV Shows (folder name 'TV Shows') should be under the itunes music. But to double check you can highlight one of your apps and do control-I on it for Get Info, and the bottom of the summary tab says where it is (and do similar for one of your movies and tv shows). If you don't still have iTunes then searching your old drive for the above folder names should find them - but movies and tv shows should be under 'itunes music', apps may be one level higher up.
  • King_Penguin Level 10 Level 10
    It's not a flaw it's how it's designed to work - as to why it's like that I have no idea, you'll need to ask Apple.

    When I moved to a new computer I first copied all my music, movies and apps to it, authorised it, and then on my first sync I also got the 'everything will be removed' message - but all my photos and apps (plus their settings and stats) remained (I didn't have any file apps at the time so I can't comment about them and I'm not sure about my notes). Whether this was because I'd made sure that all my apps were on the new computer first I'm not entirely sure, but I think so. In terms of photos, if they were taken with the phone can you copy them off first as a backup ? Similarly if you have any notes that you can't lose can you either email them to yourself or copy them to your email notes account ?
  • scump Level 1 Level 1
    like i said before, all i had backed up was my music.

    i was thinking i was safe as my phone is like a second HDD. When apparently in reality its not, its just a useless mirror. i thought about emailing them to myself but im not sure how to email files... and that would involve emailing a lot of photos to myself.

    The photos arn't a life or death matter but they hold a lot of sentimental value.

    i have heard people everywhere say how much they hate Itunes, now i see why.

    is there really no way to email apple support staff? im appareled by the amount of support they give their customers, worst customer service i have ever encounted.