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I work in an environment with a lot of people around (although I have a private cubicle with high walls) and was wondering if anyone knows of a way to accomplish the following setup.

I would like to get a Bluetooth headset that can pair with the iPhone that supports A2DP so I can listen to music in the background while I work.

But here's where it gets tricky (at least for me) is there a headset that I could somehow also have simultaneously paired to my iPhone and my desk phone at work so that when it rings I could answer that phone? My desk phone does not have Bluetooth, so I'm guessing if it were even possible than I'd need some sort of attachment to it. (It's an old Northern Telecom/Meridian phone from 1998)

This would help free up my hands, cords, make my day more enjoyable, focused and not disturb other folks in the cubicles around me.

Thank you for any thoughts or help you could provide!

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    You'll need to keep using those wires. A BT headset can only be paired with one device at a time so you couldn't use it with two phones at the same time anyway. (to answer a call on the desk phone you would have to unpair the device from the iPhone, pair it with the desk phone, then answer the call. The caller will be long gone by then.

    And the Meridian phone system is very proprietary. Even adding a wired headset is not simple, I know of nothing that would give it BT capabilities.