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I just purchased a Moshi Mini Displayport to HDMI adapter to use with my 2008 Macbook Pro to watch movies on my TV but it's not working. When I plug in the adapter/hdmi cable to my computer, the screen flashes for a second and my windows fade out for just a second, then they fade back in. This makes it seem like the computer is detecting the cable and it should be working fine but when I flip on the TV and switch to the right input, the TV tells me "No Signal".

I assumed that these cables are plug and play so could there be another issue here? Is it possible my TV is not compatible? Are there settings that I need to change? Please help!

Also the HDMI cable is not faulty. I tested it with a Windows laptop that has a HDMI port in the laptop itself and the TV picks up the signal just fine.

MBP 2008 13", Mac OS X (10.6.5)
  • thadoniousmonk Level 1 Level 1
    I've had the same problem too. My cables have been working since I first bought it early 2010 but ever since I updated to 10.6.5 I believe, it hasn't been working. When I plug in the adapter the MB recognizes it and the screen flashes blue but the TV doesn't recognize it.

    Any suggestions?
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    Many of these cables are made with fairly cheap connectors which can get loose overtime. I have found that during the course of plugging my mini displayport connection from my CInema Display to my laptop I have to find a "sweet spot" by pulling the connector out a little bit and produce some tension. You could try this or just consider ordering an adapter from a company that offers a lifetime warranty: <http://estore.circuitassembly.com/products/Mini-Displayport-to-HDMI-Adapter.ht ml>. They are fairly cheap after all.
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    It's not the cable (at least for me) as it works fine in other applications. In fact my entire mini displayport -> DVI cable -> HDMI adapter -> HDMI still works fine for my TV but not my external Samsung 23" LED LCD monitor. The screen will just flash blue/desktop on the MBP and nothing outputs to the monitor.

    Everything has worked fine since July when I bought both my 13" MBP and the monitor together. I unplugged, took to my dad's and when I came back, not working. I do believe I updated to OS 10.6.5 in between unplugging and replugging so perhaps I'll try a rollback and see.

    Has anyone updated to 10.6.6 to see if that helps?

    Apple needs to fix problem.
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    I am running 10.7.2 and have the excact same problem. Strange thing is, it was working perfectly well in the evening next morning it didi not.

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    I too am experiencing this issue, but on a 2010 Mac Mini.  My set up, however,  involves using an HDMI to DVI-I dual link adapter (HDMI out from Mac Mini, and a DVI adapter to the TV).


    I testing this quickly about a year ago and it worked.  Now I want to use my Mac Mini as a dedicated media box so I went to look into hooking it up to the TV permanently.  Nothing!  However, the very same cables and set up work perfectly through my Windows HP laptop - both on Vista and Windows 7.


    Curious, I test same set up back on the Mac Mini but via boot camp and Vista.  Did not work.


    I suspect there is something in the Mac OS now that is causing this problem .


    Hopefully that is not the case and I am going to try a new (better) HDMI - DVI-I adapter to see if that fixes the issue with the Mac.

  • dj zaza Level 1 Level 1

    I've Macbook pro erly 2011 and i've two adapter mdp to hdmi, one moshi and one sqp, all two not work,

    I brought my mac in three centers approved in a apple store, but was not detected anyhardware problem, before I had already triedtwo other adapters, but no one has ever worked with the graphics card amd 6490m. someone managed to use the adapter on amacbook pro 8.2 with this configuration:


      MacBook Pro

      Identificatore modello:           

    Nome modello:          MacBook Pro

      Identificatore modello:          MacBookPro8,2

      Nome processore:          Intel Core i7

      Velocità processore:          2 GHz

      Numero di processori:          1

      Numero totale di Core:          4

      Cache L2 (per Core):          256 KB

      Cache L3:          6 MB

      Memoria:          4 GB

      Versione Boot ROM:          MBP81.0047.B27

      Version SMC (sistema):          1.69f3


    grafic card


    Modello Chipset:          AMD Radeon HD 6490M

      Tipo:          GPU

      Bus:          PCIe

      Larghezza Lane PCIe:          x8

      VRAM (totale):          256 MB

      Fornitore:          ATI (0x1002)

      ID dispositivo:          0x6760

      ID revisione:          0x0000

      Revisione ROM:          113-C0170H-521

      Versione gMux:          1.9.23

      Versione driver EFI:          01.00.521


    Modello Chipset:          Intel HD Graphics 3000

      Tipo:          GPU

      Bus:          Integrato

      VRAM (totale):          384 MB

      Fornitore:          Intel (0x8086)

      ID dispositivo:          0x0116

      ID revisione:          0x0009

      Versione gMux:          1.9.23


    Color LCD:

      Risoluzione:          1680 x 1050

      Profondità pixel:          Colore 32 bit (ARGB8888)

      Monitor principale:          Sì

      Mirror:          Spento

      Online:          Sì

      Integrato:          Sì







    I tried all combinations, with a power cord plugged in, starting with onlyboard amd, intel sole use of the graphics card viagfxcardstatus, no result on the screen is still no signal, for additional information I connect a LEDcinema display and it works,vga adapter and it works, the last test Iperformed was with a Minidisplay port to dvi to hdmi no signal but same result. I also made ​​pram reset smc removed and put back the ram the same result. I hope someone has solved this problem, if someone hasthe same problem I could write to apple for a check on these models ofMacBook with 6490m graphics card amd. thanks for the help theygive me. Again, no technician is able to understand why not working any type of adapter hdmi


  • Bigbeatsbaxter Level 1 Level 1

    Has this been fixed yet? Same problem here but when I did the latest software update it won't work with my tv any more. Seems like a lot of people will have wasted a lot of money on mini hdmi cables. Very frustrating!!