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10.6.6 MacBook Pro has been joined to my Microsoft Active Directory. I can log in with my account but the end user cannot. When he puts in his user ID and Password it gives the error message that Logging into account failed because an error occurred.

I know it's reading the AD because it actually displays the users name. I have logged into the machine locally and added the user in Ticket Viewer. I can su up to that user once logged in locally. I have verified the user account using the id -u command along with the dscl /Search -read /User/<username>

We have created a new AD user account that matches the one I'm having trouble with and it can login. I can also log into the machine using my AD account. What log files can I look at to give me some additional information on what could be happening? I'm really at a loss here.

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    I found this in the secure.log file:

    Jan 6 19:10:02 MacBook301E loginwindow[454]: lwMountWithArrayOfPaths: failed to mount prefPath=smb://fs01/users$,error=13

    I think this is what's causing it to not login. It's trying to mount the users home directory but it can't.
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    This is caused by the machine "remembering" the path to the last user's share so when another user logs in, it is using the wrong path for that user, so it fails with that incredibly useful "unknown error has occurred" message!

    To fix this, open the auto_master file in the /etc folder.

    rem out the "network/servers" line so the file looks like this :-

    # Automounter master map
    +auto_master # Use directory service
    /net -hosts -nobrowse,hidefromfinder,nosuid
    /home auto_home -nobrowse,hidefromfinder
    # /Network/Servers -fstab
    /- -static
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    I think the paste went wrong, the hash sign is being replaced by a 1 for some reason!

    # /Network/Servers -fstab