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Hi, so I have a refurbished MacBook Pro (not sure what year), and I've always had problems with the battery....i.e. battery not staying charged, stuff like that. I replaced the battery a while back and it didn't even solve the problem. The computer would never stay charged, and would shut off if unplugged for more than about a few minutes. This was always very annoying, I just didn't have time or money to get it fixed. Note: the light on the charger was always green during this time. I had tried a few things I read online and nothing worked.

Now, the light has changed to orange permanently. If I unplug it, it will go directly to sleep mode to prevent it from shutting off. the battery icon at the top ALWAYS has an X in it, and it says "no batteries available".

I am sick of dealing with it, but want to try to fix it myself before dropping a bunch of cash to have someone else do it...and I'm starting to DJ live, so I can't have my computer dying during a show! haha. any ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

MacBook Pro 15" 2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    You have a bad battery, and from what you say, it was probably always a bad battery. If it was an Apple battery and you had spoken up as soon as it failed to perform properly, it might have been replaced.

    Of course if you bought a dirt-cheap Ebay battery, it was junk from the get-go and the seller probably knew it and took pains to cover his tracks, so you probably couldn't have gotten any satisfaction in that case.
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    Well like I said it was a refurbished computer (not from Apple, from a company who rebuilds them), and the battery was basically dead when I got it, to which they replied "Computers come with factory batteries, and are not covered by our warranty".....which is BS. So I ordered another one, which actually was from eBay, but a seller that had a high rating. I just figured they were all the same battery, just being sold through another seller instead of Apple.....maybe I was wrong?

    If the problem actually is with the battery itself, and all it would take is replacing it, I would be satisfied. I would gladly just spend the $ and buy one directly from Apple. I guess getting a new one would be the only way to find out if the problem is with the battery itself, eh?
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    It's definitely bad. Even if something else is also wrong (and I haven't heard anything to suggest that), you need a new battery for certain.