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I have a library that has just the JPEGs from a trip. Folders on my computer have all the original files, JPEGs plus Canon CR2 and Nikon NEF files. The "Importing RAW + JPEG Image Pairs" manual page says I can "...import the RAW files that match the JPEG files..." but following the steps doesn't appear to work.

I've got a project picked that has the JPEGs I want to match with RAW files and the JPEGs are all in 'referenced' folders. Nothing indicates that the JPEGs or RAWs have to be 'managed'. I currently have only the JPEGs in one set of referenced folders (for size reasons) and all my originals are on another disk. I'd be satisfied if I could just (automagically) move the chosen RAW files into the current referenced hierarchy but I'd settle for importing them into the Aperture Library.

The "Matching RAW files" entry appears in the pop-up menu but no matter which of the three choices I pick (in step 2), no images appear. (I happen to be just trying to match some 4-star images and the filter is set that way in my project-browser screen -- but that option didn't make any difference.)

Has anyone completed a similar task successfully?

24" Core2Duo iMac. 15" MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5), Aperture 3, FCE 4.0.1, iLife '11
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    I have the same problem. I've just bought Aperture from Mac App Store and imported my iPhoto library which is of course only JPEGs. I have all the corresponding RAW files from my Olympus E-620 in a separate folder. I want to match these with the JPEGs from my iPhoto library.

    But when I try to import the RAW files with "Matching RAW files" in the import pop-up menu, none of the RAW pictures show up.

    The strange thing is that when I tried this with a demo version of Aperture last autumn it worked. But then I thought the price for Aperture was too high so I didn't keep the Aperture library. Now when the "price is right" I bought Aperture but can't import the RAW files.

    Is this a bug that has come with the Aperture Mac App Store version?
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    I have the full-price version and I haven't solved the problem. At the least, the filename in the Aperture Library probably has to match the RAW filename. (I'm trying this with referenced images.) The filename can be seen in the list view of a project.

    I haven't tried small test libraries to see if/when it can no longer link up the RAW files.

    Did you happen to rename your image files when you imported them? Are they managed or referenced images?
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    The clue is to set the import destination of the RAW files to an existing project in the Aperture Library. I only tried to import into an album containing my photos or a folder containing albums or projects.

    This makes it much more tedious to match my RAW files since I can't import it to the entire library in one go but have to do it for every project, one at a time.

    The projects in Library are the same as the events in iPhoto. When I import an iPhoto library to Aperture my events/projects are stored in: Projects & Albums/iPhoto Library/Events
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    I'm just posting here (and perhaps a few other threads) for anyone on a frustrating search.


    Trying to import matched RAWs?


    Flag the jpegs you want to match, then filter by 'Flagged' (control + /)

    In the import dialogue, the "Destination" chooser isn't the place to choose the destination folder! You have to choose the project on the library sidebar on the left. (shortcut = i)

    The timezones have to match! I manually dragged a RAW into the project, and noticed on the info tab that the timezones were different (I either corrected them, or finder had stamped a new one during backup).

    Lastly, changing the timezone isn't in "Adjust date and time...", it is under "batch change..."


    Hope that helps!