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I know there is a messages app that came with the Itouch since when I search messages(by going all the way to the left on Ipod Touch) I see it there yet I don't see it anywhere else. I want to have the actual Icon and not search for it all the time. Is there a setting or something that I can make it appear and be there? It's frustrating me for the past few hours..yea HOURS just to find an answer, but I can't find one. soooo... would you help me please?

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    Are you talking about the Mail app? All are eleven screens filled with apps? If not have you check more screens? I would try connecting the iPod to your syncing computer and then rearranging the apps so it is on a visible screen

    You can only have eleven pages of apps. After that can be opened by searching from them. If you have iOS4.x you can place apps into folders and the folder only take up the real estate of one app on the screen,