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I live in Japan but have bank accounts and credit cards in the US and Japan, and for that reason I have two Apple IDs, one for each country. As such *I would want the ability to buy software from the Mac App Store in the US and Japan*, especially since my wife is Japanese and she uses Japanese language software (whereas I prefer English software). Here is what Apple says about the Apple ID being tied to country:


So it appears that I can switch between the US and Japan Mac App Store simply by my Apple ID back and forth (which unfortunately is troublesome). Even so, I am curious *how the Mac App Store will manage the software* I have purchased and installed, if some was bought from the Japan Mac App Store and other software bought from the US Mac App Store. Will it only manage my Japanese software (e.g., download updates for it) while I have my Japan Apple ID setup in the Mac App Store preferences? And then it will only start managing my English software when I switch to my US Apple ID in the prefs? If so, then I see no benefit to me for the Mac App Store. The big benefit to using the Mac App Store is seamless and convenient software management.

Please know that I have not yet installed 10.6.6 or used the Mac App Store. I've not done that yet because I view the current One-Click Buy method as being dangerous. However, seeing that I am not alone in feeling such, I am quite certain Apple will address that flaw rather quickly. But I am posting here today so I can find out about purchasing software from different Mac App Stores (based on country) and "software management" prior to committing to the Mac App Store for my future software purchases. If I am able to buy Japanese software through the US Mac App Store, the point of my post here today would be moot. But from what I understand, that won't be allowed.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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    Best to get the answers directly from Apple for a "specific request".

    You can post at the Mac App Store Customer Service

    They will reply as soon as they can.

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    The Mac App Store account is actually an iTunes account. If you already have an iTunes account I suggest that you visit that account before opening the Mac App Store app and signing in. Go to iTunes and enter the iTunes Store. Make sure that you are logged into your iTunes account. Then view your account. Make sure that the payment method is configured as you want to use this account; either with a bank card, without a bank card, with an iTunes Store gift card(s), or if available, a PayPal account.

    Once you have your iTunes Store account as you want it, quit iTunes. Open the Mac App Store app and sign in using your iTunes Store account ID. Now just a simple verification should be all that you are required to do and it should not activate 1-click purchases. It should not ask you for any bank card information and you should be able to "buy" all of the free apps that you would like, even if you opted out of having a bank card in your iTunes Store account.

    If you do not have an iTunes Store account, I suggest that you go to iTunes and open an account there first and not try to set up your account initially in the Mac App Store. Since you already have an Apple ID for the Apple Discussions all will be much more simple if you use that for your iTunes Store account also.

    As far as managing the apps that you buy, my experience with the MAS is the same as with the iTS, my Mexico Store account recognizes my installed apps from my US account and even shows me when there is an update available and vice versa, but to actually install the update I must sign into the account that I used to originally download and install the account.