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I am not being sarcastic, but what is the point of this device? I think it was the biggest waste of $100 ever! I can get netflix through my Wii, and I can play games with the Wii. Is there going to be a time when the library includes current titles? I just do not see the point of Apple TV and Netflix for a household that can stream video through another device-and almost everyone who would get Apple TV has a computer, so what is the point?I know people use it for music, but if one wants to actually use it as a "tv", which is after all. the name of the product, what is the point? If I want a new movie I can order it from Netflix and have it the next day, so why should I waste my money purchasing it on Apple TV? The movies that are free are VERY old, even those classified as new releases. They are about as new as those on the wall of the same name at Blockbuster. Maybe if they were listed under the heading "newly available" it would be okay, but calling them new releases is a blatant lie!
And why does it take so long to get a clear picture after switch from Apple TV to cable? The picture remains snowy for far too long.
I love Macs, but I HATE Apple TV! What a useless product!

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    I believe the Wii outputs 480p (vs 720p). The point is to be able to watch iTunes/Youtube/Netflix content on a big screen HDTV via a simple interface. Airplay opens the door to many other possibilities.

    You answered your own question, streaming is instant. What old titles are you referring to?

    I would check your TV in regards to the picture issue.
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    I like Apple TV but, for movies, I would recommend renting or buying the physical DVD.

    When I rent the physical DVD with Netflix there is NO time limit and it is usually delivered within 12 hours of ordering.

    Most DVDs can now be purchased for around $10. I generally just buy them (zero restrictions then).
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    Only if you were to rent/buy Blu-ray.
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    I get bluray disks in the mail for Netflix when I want the very highest quality, but I also appreciate having an online library of hundreds of movies and TV shows that I can stream immediately whenever the mood strikes me.
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    We use ours for movies, buying and renting, as we have the 1st gen. Apple TV, but we LOVE being able to use the slideshow features. Having family photos blown up on a big screen tv with music playing to the photos, it is a nice feature for parties or just for having on in general. I also have professionally taken nature pics and have displayed them alone and mixed in with family pics. Amazing!! We have small kids and live far from family, so it is a nice way to have them "see" family when they cannot see them in person. Plus, they like seeing their pics on tv!
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    if you hate it so bad, sell it and stop wasting our time. This is a uses forum to help with problems.
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    I'm new to the idea of Apple TV, and thinking of getting it. Just to check:

    1. If I have a slide show on a Mac that's connected to my wifi, is it correct that I could use Apple TV to view the slide show on my TV?

    2. Likewise with playing music on my TV, coming from an iTunes library that's on my Mac? How about if it's on my PC? I have an iPad, which I hear can be the equivalent of a remote control for playing the material.

    Thanks a lot.
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    The point of the Apple TV, and the thing that it does better than any other solution (in my opinion) is to being your iTunes library to your TV screen.

    The ability to play any music, video etc that you have in iTunes or on your iPhone/iPad etc is its primary function for me, and would easily be worth it's purchase price just for that. Being able to rent from the iTunes store is an ancillary benefit that I have used just twice in the three months I've owned it.

    If your media library isn't in iTunes then it does lose this selling point, and is in far more direct competition with various other devices. It doesn't make it useless, but not as appealing.
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    1. Yes, I think you can do this. I've never done it myself (I just use iPhoto as the source for a screensaver), but I think it's possible.

    2. If the music (or video) is in iTunes, and in a format that the apple TV supports then it will stream, regardless of whether it's on a Mac or a PC. You can use the iPad to control it using the Remote App. You can also stream media from the iPad itself using Airplay.
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    I believe you have to export the slideshow as a movie and then over to iTunes.
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    I am referring to the old titles that are available. The movies advertised as new are anything but new! I know the streaming is instant, but did not answer my own question. The titles are very old. I have spoken with others and read posts in other forums from others who have the same problem with picture quality I have. And EVERYONE complains about the interruptions/pauses with Netflix. It is so much easier to wait for the DVD than to put up with the hassle of constant pausing!
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    mauijiminar-You are a rude person. If you choose not to read a post that is fine, but just because something does not concern you does not mean it is a waste of time. Obviously you were interested in the topic, as evidenced by the fact that you read the question after looking at the subject and responded. It seems you are a blowhard who takes to forums to make up for problems in face-to-face contact with people. You were probably picked on throughout your childhood and now feel it necessary to strike back from the safety of your keyboard. If you had any comprehension skills you would have known I mentioned a problem I was asking about a problem. So think about what you read before responding. Thank you!
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    The new releases are just that, if you are looking elsewhere then you would know they are not..rather new to the library.

    Well streaming is waiting for a DVD that's of lower quality.

    I would hardly say everyone has problems.
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    No, "EVERYONE" is not "complaining about interruptions/pauses" with Netflix. I watch Netflix on Apple TV frequently, and I have never had an interruption or pause. Certainly, if you are only interested in the very latest releases, Netflix is probably not for you. Try Redbox--that way, you don't even have to wait for delivery. But I find a wealth of titles available for streaming that appeal to me. One of my biggest complaints is that the streaming queue won't hold more than 500 titles.
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