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  • Ck.Conant Level 1 Level 1

    Hi All,


    I, just like most others have fallen victim to the stuck lock button after having my iPhone 4S for 13 months.  I tried going to the local Apple store in Fashion Valley, CA to have an 'Apple Genius' tell me that my phone had absolutely no physical damage, and that there was nothing that he could do.  To Apple's defense, this employee did seem to know about this issue, and felt pretty bad that he couldn't do a thing about it.  He showed me the Assistive Touch touch feature, which I have been using for the last day.  After 1 day of using it, I am already fed up with the obnoxious button on the screen.  I don't know if anyone has offered this approach (I have only read about 4 of the 25 pages of posts here), but one thing that I have done to make it a bit less invasive is instead of enabling Assistive Touch, I assigned my Trip Click to Assistive Touch.  This way I am able to navigate on my phone normally without the assistive touch beaming in my face.  I am going to a second apple store today, with this thread open on my computer, to address the issue.  I have also called AT&T to try and resolve the issue, and for some reason my renewal isn't for another 6.5 months (somehow the whole '18 month renewal' isn't actually 18 months in my case), and they said that they could give me ANY other phone than an iphone.  If my issue isn't resolved at the other location today, I may concider getting a different phone.  This is extremely tough for me, as I use only apple products (imac, macbook pro, ipads, etc.), and everything is synced together quite well at the moment.


    On my previous iPhone 3g my home button stopped working after 12 months and 15 days after I had purchased the phone, they informed me that I was out of warranty at the UTC Apple Store in California, but replaced the part as again, there was no physical damage to the phone and it was deemed defective.  I will be visiting the store today in hopes of a similar outcome.

  • Chadbk Level 1 Level 1

    Another 4S here that's been taken care of very well since day one, two months after the one year warranty and the same power button issue. I'm going to try the Genius Bar, and if its the cold shoulder like most other people get, it's time for the competition to get my business, and time for the 1.5 week old iPad to be returned. There's a lot of great products out there made by the competition, I can live without having to pour more money into the exact same now old and out dated product every year, and I can certainly live without a company that doesn't stand behind its expensive products a year later...Apple. The company was almost wiped off the planet back in the day when Steve "Left", now about a year after he's gone, forever unfortunately, the downward spiral has already begun with the changes in policy, the 3rd Gen. iPad being replaced in a very short time frame, this lack of support for a known issue (very serious issue).


    These are not new products, just slight "improvements" model to model, and the competition does it just as well.

    It's not going to last forever there policy changers and decision makers, you should have taken the lessons learnt last time to heart, but you obviously haven't, and remember, it wasn't the stock holders and it wasn't you that got this company where it is, we the customers did right along side the one person who could make Apple this success story, now that he's gone along with his policies, we're going to be the ones to take it right back down.



    Smarten up before its too late Apple. AGAIN

  • Fleischyy Level 1 Level 1

    aaaaaaand my iPhone 4's power button has stuck, 18 months in to a 2 year contract. It's definitely out of warranty but I'm going to see the "genius" bar and see what they say. I'm guessing a £120 replacement. The only damage to the phone is the scuffing caused by having a bumper on (another gripe I have with an apple product).


    If this many people are having this problem why is there no official reply from apple? Because the iPhone 4 is "that" old?! My Nokia 6630 still works perfectly, as does my Sony-Ericson T10 and they are MUCH older!

  • CGriffing Level 1 Level 1

    My iPhone 4s power button became stuck and was extremely difficult to get it to function.  It is outside of warranty.  I used a little DeoxIT D5 contact cleaner spray on the power button and it works just fine now.  YMMV.

  • Fleischyy Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks, I'll give it a go, did you open it up and put it on direct or drop it in from the top button

  • CGriffing Level 1 Level 1

    I did not open the phone case. I very carefully sprayed it on the button, wiped the excess, pressed the button a few times, then repeated the process again, and had success ever since.  Works just fine.  Prior to doing this, the button was almost totally unresponsive.

  • Rhenry24 Level 1 Level 1

    I had this problem and I looked into ur convo specifically and I now have a brand new iPhone 4S free of charge:)!!

  • ironcity26 Level 1 Level 1

    The sleep button on my iPhone 4s is unresponsive. My phone was in an Otterbox Defender case since day 1 so the button malfunction is def a design flaw by Apple. Apple needs to start taking better care of their existing customers, demand is diminishing!

  • MarkAppleNC Level 1 Level 1

    I was having the same issue with my IPhone 4 that all of you are complaining about--stuck center button.  I tried cleaning, etc. but nothing helped.  Then I saw an article about calibrating the home button--I was about to go buy a new phone, but tried this and amazingly it worked.  This may be somewhere else on this thread, but I haven't seen it so I figured I'd post.  Hope it helps some of you, my phone is now fine!  (Well, I lost my excuse for an upgrade, anyway!)


    1.  Open one of the built-in applications.  I used weather, but supposedly calendar stock quotes also works.

    2.  With one of these apps open, hold down the top power button until the "slide to power off" comes on.

    3.  As soon as you see "slide to power off" displayed, release top power button and then press and hold down the home button.  The "slide to power off" arrow should go away after a few seconds and you'll be returned to the home screen.  Release the home button and it should be recalibrated.


    Please post if this works, good luck!

  • neptunesurfs Level 1 Level 1

    Is your phone under warranty?  Apple told me I had to pay $150 b/c I'm 2 mos out- just checking to see if simeone stood behind the defective product w/o warranty


  • neptunesurfs Level 1 Level 1

    You said to hold down top power button HOWEVER it doesn't work-that's the problem-

    Thx anyway for the effort  

  • Vashez Level 1 Level 1

    I'm also just another person stuck with this problem. Looks like I'll just end up getting a Samsung from now on. Oh well.

  • MarkAppleNC Level 1 Level 1

    When you hold down the top power button, you don't get the "Slide to Power Off" on your IPHONE?  I believe that's something that should always come up when you hold that down, since that's how you shut the phone off.  If that doesn't come up, you may have other issues than just the center button. 

  • Ck.Conant Level 1 Level 1

    Mark, you are in the wrong thread... Everyone in this thread has a broken power (lock) button...  The button that you're referring to is the 'Home' button.  Best of luck.

  • MarkAppleNC Level 1 Level 1

    How embarassing!  You are of course right.  Well, hopefully if anyone has problems with the home button my post will help!  Hadn't heard about the power button problems, more fun to look forward to.



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