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  • Reddperc Level 1 Level 1

    Probably this has already been mentoined (my apologies if it has), but I have the same issue, and plugging the phone into a Mac (or PC, I would assume), powers it on automatically as part of the sync process.  So, you should be able to power it off using the assistive touch feature, and power it back on by plugging it into your computer.  Of course, not very handy if you don't happen to have your laptop with you when you need to power on, but in a pinch...

  • carirae Level 1 Level 1

    Add another person to this lock button nonsense. Also, a coworker just had this happen to his iPhone 4S about 1 month ago. This is really ridiculous that there are this many problems and Apple is refusing to admit its a real flaw in the phones! I am super careful with all of my phones and know that I didn't do anything to it to cause this. It makes me mad that people can have a cracked screen and get it more easily/cheaply replaced than this design flaw. If I have insurance on my phone, will that cover the replacement costs?

  • EmilyJShep Level 1 Level 1

    I am experiencing the same defect after roughly 18 months of use. The button doesn't spring back up and I can hear a loose piece inside the phone when I shake it lightly. There's definitely something rattling around in there.


    This is the second time a manufacturing defect has impaired my abilty to use an apple product just out of warranty. The last time it happened, Apple actually made the repairs free of charge, but only after considerable effort from my end.


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    I am on the same boat too after using my iPhone 4S for almost 14 months. It started this morning. This is a very annoying design flaw which is making customers to suffer. Apple must start providing repair service for this issue.


    My iPhone has a slightly different issue than the others have listed here. The power buttock is not working but the iphone gets locked by itself while it is in use (that totally weird) and then the red bar to power off pops on the screen. I have to cancel the power off and then unlock. This is making me mad.


    This is my first apple product and I was totally floored by apple technology until the curse struck this morning.


    Don't know what to do now as I dont have warranty anymore and I dont want to spend $150 to get a refurbished phone.

  • Xuggy Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue. 18 months of use. Will move to Samsung if Apple doesn't recognise issue.

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    I'm currently replying to my original post that I made on Aug 20, 2012.... In this post I talked about how my girlfriends iPhone 4s was out of warranty by a month and had a stuck power button, but due to a policy change apple would not replace it.


    Now as of today, Thursday April 18th, I'm facing the same issue.. a stuck power button. The ironic thing is that my current 4S is a replacement phone that Apple gave me due to the GPS on my previous 4s not working. This is where I also experienced yet another Apple policy change, the replacement phones now only come with a 3 month warranty.  So basically I have two choices now, go to apple and have them fix it for $150 or go a local iPhone fix-it-kiosk and have it fixed for $40.


    I love apple products, I have always had them but it's just getting to the point where I'm questioning buying future products from them when they have issues such as this one that they refuse to acknowledge.

  • unsu Level 1 Level 1



    I don't understant why you are complaining. If your iPhone is out of warranty, Apple is supposed to ask you to buy a new phone for its full price when your old one is broken.

    Say big thanks to them that they allow your phone to be replaced with a brand new one for $150 providing you are out of warranty. Treat it like that: your lock button is fixed for free, and you pay $150 for all other parts, new screen, new battery, new everything!


    I doubt your fix-it-kiosks will fix it well for $40, but they won't replace it with a new phone.

    There is absolutlty no reason to complain. They offer you this service. This means this is a well-known issue with the lock button. Otherwise they won't be replacing out-of-warranty phones for $150.

    Think twice.

  • evzaro Level 1 Level 1

    So Apple, or any other company for that matter, is in the right when they create devices with 13 month effective life-spans? A $400 phone should last at least the length of a typical mobile contract, wouldn't you agree?


    These button problems seem to be popping up very soon after the warrantee for most of the affected users and due to no fault of thier own, pointing to a maufactoring or design defect (maybe it's intentional, since they refuse to ackoledge it). We have every right to complain to Apple when there effectively is a one year "timer" on the usibility of our devices.

  • AMXRAH Level 1 Level 1

    Are we now really that far that Apple staff is asked to defend it's faulty products? unsu, with all due respect, your point is weak and unconvincing. The power button failure is well documented, and Apple's weak response to it has aggravated many solid Apple consumers to date, to the point where people start looking for alternative products. You can turn and twist it any which way you want, the matter of fact remains that a product failure of this nature is not tolerable, and your employer may well "think twice" (your words..) about whether or not it's reaction is healthy for the firm. I see the firm taking on reputational risks, and loosing investors' convidence (see current share price). If all you have left is perceived health cashflows, but increasing poor reputation and declining product quality, the future direction seems to be clear and just a matter of time....

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    Same issue with me


    Had the 4S for 18 months. Out of nowhere the power button got stuck.

    Since it's now out of warranty I took apart the phone myself and realized the contact had worn out.


    30 pages of the same issue and apple offers no solution/call back/replacement other than pay $200 to have it fixed? Come on


    Not cool


    Don't make me switch on over to Samsung!

  • jasonm737 Level 1 Level 1

    Another iPhone 4S Faulty power/sleep button.  Apples suggestion was £146 replacement via telephone support which then went down to £139 instore.  Seeing as how this is more of a design fault, I'm not convinced that I should be paying an obscene amount to fix it.  Surely it is 'reasonable' to expect a button that is rarely used (in comparison to how much I press the home button) to last at least a couple of years?!?!  And if its 'reasonable' to expect that a £500 phone should last at least a 24 month contract term then I would hope that under EU legislation that this would in fact be covered as its clearly a design fault.  With over 3/4 of a million views on this one post alone, I'd say that a high percentage of people looking for this thread have this fault and therefore its clearly a bigger issue than Apple would like us to believe.  Very disappointed with the level of support received.  I would have been more than happy to pay for a repair if the amount asked for actually reflected the fault that I was wanting fixed, but £146/£139 is totally unreasonable to repair a button and the more I read online the more unhappy I become.  I've been an iphone customer for 5 years and have bought 4 iphones from Apple but after the level of care shown from their teams, my current iphone 4S and the wifes iphone5 will be replaced with a Samsung.

  • nbachu Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same power button problem for my iPhone 4S, my power button got stcuk all of a sudden. I went to a apple store and was told to pay $200 to get the phone replaced.

  • Myskinsmysin Level 1 Level 1

    So my power button is stuck. Not physically but on a software side. The button itself feels fine, is nice and crisp. I updated to iOS 5.1 and the power button started glitching. Now the phone just cycles from the lock screen to the slide to power off screen. If I'm using it, then it shuts off and reboots. So the update has stuck my power button. Is this a problem for anyone else? I have restored the phone 3 times and no fix. I know fit a fact the update did it. It was working fine, I updated, and immediately it started glitching. After a couple weeks it fixed itself. Now it's doing it again. Every couple of weeks it will fix itself out the blue, then start glitching again. It's been like this for a yr now.

  • slimgym Level 1 Level 1

    I would try a compressed air spray around the button, sounds like something is stuck there keeping the button depressed or shorting the contact out under the clicky dome. I think the timing with the update is just a co-incidence. If it's still in warranty take it in to let an expert look at it and you'll likely walk out with a new phone. If it's out of warranty, join the £120 club for a button

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    You maybe lucky contact apple as when I did that a question was asked if I recently updated my phone. So before you do anything esle contact them and tell them it's a software problem you maybe one of the lucky ones that gets it fixed. The rest of us are in the hands of apple and they aren't listening to us. Thousands of people if not hundreds of thousands have this button problem. It's a design flaw and they are ignoring us maybe it's time for a lawsuit from a lawyer to fix the design.

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