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    Apple should've done a recall on the iPhones because of this problem. To be honest this is the second iPhone lock button that breaks on me an I will not pay 200 to get a new phone. I think apple should fix there products for free especially something like this it is a main function of the phone and it's wrong to charge someone 200 dollars for a phone they already paid for and the company made a **** quality lock button.

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    I'm sorry to hear your frustration, but I have found Apple has been more than fair with me; for instance, honoring warranties that technically they didn't have to, and maintaining a high level of customer service in general. They've always supported education, encouraging customers to learn more and get actively involved.


    Have you tried Assistive Touch, as a software workaround? Go to Settings/General/Accessibility/Assistive Touch -- hope this helps!

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    I was actually quite pleased with how my local apple store handled this issue. My son's phone was out of warranty by 44 days. At first they told us it would be 199 to fix it and of coarse they explained that there is always the option of apple care+. I nicely complained that I did not think I should have to pay 199 to replace a 13 month old phone. I further explained that the phone should absolutely work properly for the duration of the contract and beyond. I also said that after researching online, this was a common problem. In the end, they did negotiate with a 99 price. Considering I initially expected it would cost around 75 to repair it, 99 for a brand new, NOT refurbished phone, I was happy. In the end, we ended up using the on screen function to shut his phone off. My son is happy with this and so are we. Yes, having a fully functioning power/sleep button would be ideal, but this is workable. I do agree Apple should address this issue is obviously a defect!


    That said, we obviously aren't too unhappy with Apple since we purchased my youngest son a 5c for Christmas! ;)

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    I hear you anglynn72, and agree there is an important distinction to be made between a flaw in the product design and/or production, and customer service/support. And if I hear your response accurately, I agree that a 1-year warranty on a product with a 2-year minimum contract would seem to be out of line.


    Another larger question getting back to JustaRoy's post, since I'm not remembering any Apple recalls. Does anyone else remember or have experience with an Apple recall? Perhaps only those directly affected hear about it, but I certainly don't see or hear much in the press or media about Apple recalls.

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    I don't know that I have ever heads of an Apple recall. I wish they would recall that part. It clearly is faulty.


    I felt satisfied with their support/customer service. They were nice, patient and answered my questions. They were respectful and seemed considerate of my feelings on the matter too. They also agreed that the phone should not be having this issue after 1 year. I almost felt as if I could have pushed the issue further and I may have gotten the price reduced further. I just didn't feel the need to. The phone IS out of warranty, so I have to also understand that they are also doing their job and what Apple allows them to do. We opted to wait before buying the replacement phone. We have 30 days to change our mind and I have that in writing. Like I said! I felt pretty good about the service we received. I would have loved a new device free and clear, but I also need to realize that as a consumer, a company has to have rules.... Even if I do feel they need to recall this part.

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    I think i may have just had a breakthrough. I visited the 02 shop today and explained to them that my lock button had broken a year and a half into my two year contract. They told me that Apple have a 1 year warranty and after that i'd have to pay. They told me to visit the Apple store and see what they said. Luckily the Apple store is in the same shopping centre so i went in and asked to speak to an Apple Genius, he told me that because i got the iPhone 4S on a two year contract with 02 it wasnt the manufacturers responsibility after the one year warranty had expired. But then he mentioned something i'd never head of before. He told me "Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 goods must be as described, of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose." which means that as my contract was for two years, my iPhone isnt fit for purpose after only 1 and a half years. After a 30 minute phone call with 02 and speaking to various managers they are contacting Apple tomorrow. They told me hopefully they will be able to replace my phone free for me. They said they'd call me back tomorrow. Ill update when i know more. An article here shows what your rights are: n-i-do/

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    Well, well, well.. I have news which may anger many of you. After spending half an hour on the phone to Apple yesterday, and a further half an our on the phone to Apple this morning they aggreed under the SOGA to replace me iPhone 4S free of charge despite the fact they didnt even sell it to me. I know many of you will not have got the same result i did however dont be put off. Be persistant. Stand your ground and tell them what you want. I have now got a brand new iPhone 4S in under 24 hours from first mentioning the problem to Apple. It would have cost me £139 for the replacement however as i mentioned the SOGA, Apple said they would do it free of charge. Result.

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    Hi Keaanee


    My partners phone has just developed the same fault and she's less than 15 months into her 24 month contract.


    Can I just ask why you phoned Apple as your previous comment said O2 were going to be doing the calling around for you? What was O2's final say on the matter and who did you speak to at Apple? Have you got a phone number?



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    Hi Chilleddude2002


    I phone 02 and they told me that would get back to me about the issue I was having. They still haven't got back to me about it. (Although it's too late now) the SOGA holds the retailer responsible for the problem and the law states it's the retailer who has to either replace the phone, repair it, or give you your money back. I contacted apple just out of interest to find out if they allow 02 to give out replacement phones when a problem like this occurs. I started off by speaking to a person on the live chat on the apple website. She told me I wouldn't be able to get the phone replaced for free as it was out of warranty. I brought up the fact I am protected under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the live chat operator directed me to her Senior Advisor. After a long chat with the senior advisor and speaking about several EU consumer laws she asked me if I would like a call back in the morning to speak to someone from Apple. The call arrived the next morning and I explained my situation to the operator on the phone. She also handed me to her superior. This is where things started to fall into place. The senior advisor I was speaking to on the phone told me he would handle my case and tell me everything I needed to do in order to make a claim under the SOGA against 02. I told him the staff in the 02 shop dismissed such a law even existed and he told me he would go speak to his supervisor and left me on hold for about 5/10 minutes. When he returned he said he had good news for me and that in my case they were going to agree to replace the phone free of charge providing it was an obvious fault with the hardware rather than caused by dropping the phone. He asked me to email him 4 photos of my phone to prove it was in good physical condition and that I hadn't dropped it. I send 4 photos of the front, back, upper and bottom of the phone and he asked if I had any other apple products. After taking the serial number of my Apple TV box ( I have no idea why) he told me Apple have decided they would cover the £132 cost of getting a replacement phone. He even made me a booking at the Genius Bar over the phone and I got an email confirmation. I showed up and they told me i had a note on my account authorising a free out of warranty replacement. I walked out of the shop with my new phone in 10 minutes.

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    Brilliant, thank you, works perfectly, just had to change my password as button over first digit

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    I want to add more about Apple's customer service. My son's iPhone 4S started having issues with text messaging. He could text everyone but some of his contacts messages were not getting to him. We decided to go to go to the Apple store with the intention of switching his phone out for a new phone. However, before doing so, Apple took the time to do a full, hard reset on his phone. Then, when the phone was still having a few issues with text messaging, they looked further at it and helped us figure put that some how, his iMessage feature was turned off. We still aren't sure how that happened or why some iMessages worked and others didn't. Once it was turned back on, the problem was solved. Apple could have taken our 99.00 for the new phone, but instead took the time to help us figure out what was going of charge. Yes, Apple products may cost more. Yes, I still think they should issue a recall on this button, but despite that, I still feel they stand behind their product.

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    My daughter's iphone4 has similar problems. Since updating to iOS7 her imessages are not converted to text if the recipient is not connected to the internet. Thus, messages are not received until an internet connection is restored. iOS6 did not have this problem. That's why she now has imessages turned off. Maybe your son was having the same issue and Apple didn't fix it, rather they just provided an internet connection so that it worked properly in their store. I feel that Apple are becoming more like Microsoft in that their products are being released buggy and less secure than they used to be. I love my (third due to inherent hardware faults - power button and noise cancelling mic) iphone4 on iOS6 but have gone back to Windows on my Macbook Air.

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    No, it has been a about a week and he hasn't had any problem with his phone since then. I believe they did help fix the problem. His phone has iOS 7.4 on it now and no problem thus far. Apple did say that some people were having issues with their iMessage when they upgraded to iOS 7. I know my iPhone 5 had iMessage issues after I upgraded to iOS 7.2. The issue resolved on it's own. My son was having issues getting his messages whether he had an internet connection or not. And the odd thing was, my daughter's messages were getting through from her iPhone 4 but my messages to him weren't going through. The other odd thing was it wasn't just was happening to non-iPhone users as well. I think the hard reset fixed the non-iPhone issue and the iMessage fixed the iPhone message issue.


    If you have an apple store close by, perhaps you can take her phone into apple?


    As for won't catch me using Windows 8 any time soon. We currently have PCs and are switching to a Mac book pro in a few months. We fiddled with Windows 8 on friends computers and in the stores...we hate it! Do you use Windows 8? Maybe it just takes some getting used to!

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    Thanks for that. Might ask her to go to the store. Some of her friends have had issues with messages on iOS7 also. I notice she updated a couple of days ago. Maybe that's helped but she hasn't been game to try imessage again. That's the trouble with the changes over the last couple of years - the trust of Apple software has been eroded.

    Actually, I haven't gone Windows 8. I played with some touch screens and couldn't see enough advantage for the applications I use. I have Windows 7 on my laptops and still have Vista on my desktop. Maybe I've been lucky, but mine all work brilliantly, although I steered clear of the Home Premium versions which were often buggy and have the Ultimate versions.

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    It can't hurt to try. I was about to run mine to Apple a couple of months ago, but then it fixed it's self. Go figure! Perhaps it was the newest update? I don't know. I actually held off updating once the issue resolved because I feared it would have more issues.


    We are fairly new to Apple. We are about a year in. Our PCs have Vista and windows 7. We have had nothing but issues with PCs, so we are switching to A Mac. Hopefully we like it! We did like the previous versions of Windows, just not 8!


    I hope your daughters phone issues are resolved soon!