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  • w5cdt Level 1 Level 1

    Do you have a replacement part number?

    I'll try it since I'm a whopping three months out of warranty.

  • w5cdt Level 1 Level 1

    Nope..that won't fix it. The button has lost its tactile click. Mechanical FAIL.

  • AdamyKlein Level 1 Level 1

    I am currently waiting for a call from Apple Customer Service and i just spoke with a different apple store regarding the problem. The representative at the store is ensuring that the fail rate of the device is very low. When you type into Google "iPhone 4 Lock Button" , there are over 10 MILLION links regarding problems and broken buttons. So for him to say that is absolutely ridiculous.


    Apple needs to be on the same page as the stores that we bring the products to for repairs because they seem to be uneducated with this problem.


    I have another appoinment with a different apple genious bar because of my disgust for the way i was treated at the other store. Clearly the gentleman who served me was new and didnt know much about the product or issue. I would like to speak to someone who doesnt want me to buy another phone. Im happy with the one i have but it is pathetic to think that Apple has designed a phone that has a 1 year life span on parts of which there is only 4 fuctional buttons on the do you screw up the 2nd most important one?!?!?!

  • w5cdt Level 1 Level 1

    Those instructions at for replacing the metal button.

  • w5cdt Level 1 Level 1

    Time to write Tim Cook a letter. $30 billion in cash...they should stand by their product. This is another Papermaster screw up and they know it.

  • Manish Kothari Level 1 Level 1

    I think someone at Gizmodo needs to make this defect known publicly. Only then will Apple sit up and notice. Its not even like replacing this itsy bitsy part free cost will cost Apple anything big. They just dont care.

  • PatMcClendon Level 1 Level 1

    Well, it is a Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas afterall. I called AT&T and told them about my power button no longer working at all. I told her that this was my 3rd iPhone that stopped working just after the warranty was up and that I've had enough. She said that I could upgrade to the. Ew iPhone 4s for $99. I told her that I couldn't afford to keep giving Apple money for defective products and that my AT&T reception was  dry poor at times ... Maybe because I live near the beach and these communities don't want huge towers there or maybe it's the iPhone or maybe each year more people are buying more mobile phones. Regardless, she had to call me back on my Cable phone. She ended up giving me about $70 credit with $25 to cover my gas to Tampa's Apple Store. At that store which was an apparently organized zoo, at my appointment time, I had to wait maybe 5 minutes and the "Genius" ask what the problem was and I told him. He said you are out of warranty only by 15 days so here's the new, not reconditioned iPhone 4. Oh my God! There is a Santa and a God afterall! He help transfer some of my data to iCloud (free). I'm shocked because I was expected the same old heartless "Well, you are out of warranty so it's going to cost you." So, my suggestion, call AT&T first and have them call the local Apple Store to set up an appointment. Then, go to the appointment. No need to get nasty with anyone but I did say that it seems obvious to me that AT&T doesn't care if Apple's phone break because they get users to upgrade and force users to have to sign up for another 2 years. I think it helped that the woman that I talked to could see my records and saw how many iPhones that I've bought and all my compliants about poor reception. And, maybe this problem is coming to Apple's attention? Good luck and a better new year!

  • PatMcClendon Level 1 Level 1

    I posted this on the Occupy Wall Street board at: and when I Googled "Occupy Apple" I found this interesting article: n-francisco-mayor-says/ in which Ex-Mayor of San Franscisco, Willie Brown, suggested that protester Occupy Apple or other specfic corporations that export Americans' jobs overseas. Corporation should also be "Occupied" for making inferior products or for planned obsolesence which forces us 99%ers to have to keep replacing them. Refrigerators used to last 40+ years back in the day, now your are lucky to get 8 years out of them. Companies need to be "greener" and make quality products that don't end up in a landfill so quickly!

  • mclagett Level 1 Level 1

    my iphone 4 lock button became "stuck" today.  It still responds if I push it very hard but the button no longer "clicks."  I have a genius appointment set tomorrow, and I also was able to successfully reserve a 4s for tomorrow.


    What do you think?  is there hope they give me a refurb unit?  i bought my original on release day in July 2010.  Even if I still end up getting my iphone 4s, I'd love to give my existing iphone 4 to my less fortunate relative who has been wanting one for a while.  It'd suck to give him one that was busted.

  • rkhan715 Level 1 Level 1

    I replaced the button and the didnt fix the problem.


    I contacted apple via email. The guy said that I would have to pay $150, like i was told at the apple store by the genius, but said that he will transfer me to customer relations.


    She was really nice and said that she called my local store, where i previously went and the general manager would call me before closing.


    When i recieved the call, the manager said that we give our customers an option of buyingapple care, for instances such as this once, where if i had apple care, it would be covered, no questions asked and i would get my phone swapped. Since I declined, i have to pay the $150.


    I am SO mad at apple. Its a defect, a lot of people are having this issue. It shouldnt matter whether if the phone is in warranty or should fix it, beause it is a "mechanical failure" as said by the genius; the manager later said the term used was incorrect and the phone has normal wear and tear...


    I am not buying another iPhone! I know I am out of warranty, I bought my iPhone 4 on launch, so its been a while...but u should replace my phone! Its not my fault! Why should I pay?

  • w5cdt Level 1 Level 1

    How much is the AppleCare warranty? Can I purchase AppleCare after my warranty has expired?

    It is beginning to sound like Tim Cook needs to restore some good will by standing behind their product.

  • Gabelous Level 1 Level 1

    I just received my first iphone (a refurbished 4) on Christmas day. The stuck button issue did come up pretty much right off the bat. My brother (who is a fanatic Apple lover) reloaded and updated the iOS (5.0.1) and it seemed to fix it. A few days later is returned, and I used the initial "fix" of plugging it in and activating the voice command feature by holding down the home button. Well as of the afternoon of New Year's Eve it is noe completely unresponsive and sometimes I can get it to work when it is plugged into the PC via its USB cable but as soon as I unplug it it completely fails to work.


    It is both good and bad to know this issue is widespread problem and Apple doesn't seem to do anything about it. Guess I'll see if I can take it in under warranty and take a crap-shot and hope I get one without this issue...

  • AdamyKlein Level 1 Level 1

    I don't think people seem to understand what the issue is. The lock button is not freezing or becoming unresponsive, it is actually broken. As in it no longer clicks, makes noise or moves when you push it. Like previously popped bubble wrap. It is in no way a software related issue. There is not software related fix. Apple has agreed to send me a replacement because of the issue and I'm greatly appreciative of it. Finally their customer service shows. It only took a week or so

  • w5cdt Level 1 Level 1

    I agree.  This is a mechanical problem...not software. The tactile "click" is missing. Mechanical defect. Apple FAIL.

  • Housewolf17 Level 1 Level 1

    Initially when the contact has cracked but not broken away it DOES respond to both a iOS reinstall and holding the button down (while plugged in) until voice over turns on. I've done it on several phones and there are even Yourtube vids showing the fix in action. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary fix until the contact pad breaks entirely.

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