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FUGW Level 1 Level 1
So there is a new Mac App store and there are talks of new iPads and MacBook Airs etc... but where is IWork 11? It is terrible that it has not been upgraded ( OK so a minor one) but still it is a 2 year program... not that I use again Powerpoint but I did get to see their new version and it is better than before. Does anyone know what happened?

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 Level 9
    where is IWork 11?

    Nobody here knows and Apple isn't saying. Whether an eventual update will have the fixes you need is even less predictable. Tell them what you new features you want using the feedback channels:
  • kevex91 Level 1 Level 1
    Be patient, apple likes to show and tell so I'm guessing that along with the magical iPad 2, apple will also unveil the magical iWork '11 that integrates perfectly with the iPad version of iWork...

    The iPad anouncement should be before the end of January so expect an update then...
  • Christoph Schneider Level 1 Level 1
    Here in germany amazon told us, that Hans Dorsch will publish his new iWork 11 Manual/Book in Feb.2011.

    Any questions?
  • Rob A. Level 1 Level 1
    Almost March and no word of iWork 11. Makes NO SENSE why they would wait for iPad 2 considering iPad sales are pretty insignificant compared to current population base of iWork 09 which is definitely NOT iPad majority.

    From inside information that fell thru the cracks is that iWork 11 was going to be native 64bit and they ran into some significant issues with existing 64bit able hardware base and they're "downgrading" it to 32bit only.

    Another bit or byte of information I got was iWork 11 is going to be "cloud computing" aware and that you could use Apple services to put all you iWork 11 related documents "in the cloud". Since Apple hasn't officially release "cloud computing" services, this might also be the reason for the delay in iWork 11.

    I don't know the details of the issues, but that's what I heard. Pretty sure it has nothing to do with iPad 2 or any other release.

    Still not sure why this thread hasn't been deleted. It falls under "speculation" and I've had threads deleted for far less speculation that what has gone into this thread.
  • macosxvswindows7 Level 1 Level 1
    iPad sells way more than iWork. I only know one person who has iWork and rest have MS Office. Otherwise iPad sells way more
  • hayds95 Level 1 Level 1
    iPad event to be held on March 2nd, starts 10am PDT
    iWork likely to be announced/released then.
  • Rob A. Level 1 Level 1
    I doubt that, iWork has been around considerably longer than the iPad. And my experience has been folks that had MS Office for OSX have switched to iWorks because of bugs with MS Office (but what else would one expect from a Microsoft product).

    A good example is a infinite error message loop that one can get stuck in with MS Office where the only option is to Force Quit. And/or frequent application hangs directly associated to MS Office. It's a typical bad Microsoft product.

    iWorks isn't bug free, but it's a LOT more solid then MS Office for OSX and doesn't have some really obvious problems like MS Office does -- not to mention iWorks is just easier and faster to use and doesn't suffer feature overload like MS Office does.

    Doesn't make much sense to wait for iPad, but who knows Apple have done stranger things in the past.
  • bgeorg Level 1 Level 1
    The German Amazon page lists a iWork '11 book for release in March 2011.
    I'd say this is a pretty strong indicator for an associated software release of iWork '11 in March 2011.

    Stunning to see how wrong all those 'insider' portals were ... they were not even close.
  • Rob A. Level 1 Level 1
    Not sure why you think a March 2011 release (if it happens) would invalidate "insider" portals? Can't really invalidate nor validate anything until we actually see a released product.

    I've seen Final Cut Pro 8 books advertised also ... and yet no product ... sooo
  • Doug_S Level 1 Level 1
    Just a little note: Book publishers will tell Amazon a date for a planned release and then once that date passes, revise it if necessary. "The Wise Man's Fear", for example, was slated for release a few times and the latest George R.R. Martin gets a new release date every few months as more and more delays hit.

    iWorks will get an update when iWorks gets an update. Which is too bad because I was trying to hold off buying it but I kind of have no choice now except to go to LibreOffice instead.

    (I refuse to use Microsoft Office because 1. I hate PowerPoint with a fiery passion and 2. I hate their stupid format nonsense.)
  • Rob A. Level 1 Level 1
    Care to comment on "insider" portals now? iPad 2 is out and still no signs of iWorks 11 ... hmmm ...

  • Luke Christian Level 1 Level 1
    Maybe the arrival of the new Apple cloud-based MobileMe (with file and music sharing, etc.) will see the revitalisation of iWork?

    Apparently, from April, the basic MobileMe product is to be free of charge (about time too, given that Google and DropBox already are) with new functionality planned - largely with iPad users mind (limited local storage).

    iWork 09 is really starting to look creaky next to PowerPoint 2010. I still prefer using it but it lags so far behind in terms of handling layers (PPT's killer app!), graphic flexibility (shapes, shading, diagrams), image manipulation (photo editing, proper cropping tools, advanced alpha, etc.), clumsy file sizes, inability to save as pptx for PC users, etc. etc. So NEEDS to be updated.

    But so does MobileMe. It is laughably out-of-touch (does Steve Jobs know that it still uses Flash to upload files to iDisk?), it is slow, buggy and idisk is not only unstable but anything you put on it becomes invisible to Time Machine.

    So, maybe they will kill two ageing birds with one Apple?

    We'll see.
  • Rob A. Level 1 Level 1
    Agree, considering the length of time from last release of iWork, it's very likely to be much improved/expanded and not just a freshen' up to look more current.

    The North Carolina Data center is due to "open" this spring and is 5X the size of the Newark facility. So like I said earlier, iWork 11 will be leveraged with Cloud computing -- so ETA for Spring/Summer seems more likely.

  • Rod Christiansen Level 1 Level 1
    Looking forward to new animations and transitions in keynote.
    I really hope that Apple brings an amazing solution linking iLife + iWork + MobileMe + iOS 5
    I still can't believe there isn't an iPhoto for iOS.
    Also, has been in "beta" for two years... its great to show my non apple users keynote presentations but thats it.
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