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    For those of you who are happy with Pages "except for some compatibility issues with Word", let me tell you that the picture is different for those of us who collaborate on documents with the members of rest of the business world. The picture is horrendous. I love Pages and use it for all my marketing documents. And then I produce a pdf. But for content, when someone sends me a .docx I'm screwed. Neither Pages, TextEdit, docxconverter, OpenOffice (and its clones) nor any other OS X word processor preserves .docx content and formatting through one read/write cycle. So for Word compatibility, Pages is crap, to put it bluntly. So it's 2 or 3 years old AND crap for Word compatibility. Anything wrong with this picture? IMHO Apple has been so busy conquering the world that they've forgotten their so-called flagship software products. Shades of Appleworks. One thing's for sure... if Apple drives me to the point where I have to buy MS Office, I'm not going to be updating iWork ever again.

  • Michel Goldberg Level 1 Level 1

    I totally agree : Apple does not want to be the first but the best witch it is not always compatible ;-)

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    You have just said that Microsoft's ".docx" format does not work well with anything but their own programs. The problem here is not Apple, but the fact that Microsoft uses strange formats that are difficult to work with. I can tell you that often the way a ".docsx" file is show on Windows and on Mac OS versions of Office differs so not even they can achieve consistency.

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    It's a shame! I'm waiting for iWork. Three years !!

    And the Ken Bruns effect? nothing!!?

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    i Want a new version too! It's getting harder and harder to convince people they should pick iWorks over MS Office. Come on Apple, help your loyal fans out!

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    The .docx format is the problem, and nothing but Word plays nice with it. 


    To be honest, you should never save anything in .docx EVER.  There are lots of businesses that still run older versions of Office that have compatibility issues with that format.  I always change the settings to simply save as .doc and it illiminates any hassels.


    That said, even .doc formats don't always render correctly in Pages or Open Office.  The formatting can sometimes be off, and the same goes when exporting to the .doc format.  Microsoft goes out of their way to ensure these things happen so that Word will always be relevant.


    As for iWork... they really need an update!  I love the suite, but iWork 09 and 08 really aren't any different aside from new templates and a change in the document formats not being backwards compatable.  There are many glaring items from the first iWork that have never been addressed that hold iWork back:

    1.  Grammar and spelling correction still are very basic, and at times don't use any type of rules to fix things.

    2.  Auto Save feature (unless you are running Lion, then the OS takes care of that... but how does a word processing program written in the last 20 years not have that built in from launch????  Seriously!?!?)


    iWork needs some polish, some fixes, some tweaks, and it would be killer.  I never thought it needed anual upddates (nor iLife for that matter) because you only got minor additions.  With iWork that was mainly a very few templates... but with iWork 09 really not even worth of a point upgrade, it's really been more like 3 going on 4 years without a real update to iWork.   Numbers was the main upgrade to iWork 08... so Keynote and Pages really haven't seen anything new minus templates in a long...long time.


    Come on Apple.  please don't make me buy Office again!  I need a new app

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    Come on Apple. It's about time.

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    Remember that this forums are not oficcialy seen by Apple, the correct way to send feedback to the company is through the feedback forms that can be found at:

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    iWork is not a priority for Apple but a vanity project that has never been profitable or commercially successful. Even among hardcore Apple fans iWork has a small market share and we all use the devils Office suite.


    With the excentric Steve gone - Apple will now more then ever concentrate on mass-appeal products and neglect vanity projects just as it has abandoned iWeb.


    I am sure the will be another version at some point but I don't see a future for iWork passed one more new release.


    People who think MS Office is overkill have so many more free options now including online office suites like from Google.


    I think iWork is going to have iWebs fate.

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    It's a shame!! I have payed for iWork!!

  • Michel Goldberg Level 1 Level 1



    You could be right, but you don't mention iCloud witch coulkd make a new "iWork" as a part of a bigger picture.

    Don't you think ?

  • publicom Level 1 Level 1

    No, I don't

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    i don't think iWork is necessarily a "vanity" project, and it definitely could have a good future. The reason: unlike iWeb, iWork is alive and well on iOS, and so far it's far and away the best at what it does for the iPad/iPhone. I was never an iWork user before, but have switched over from Office to iWork on my mac now because I like the compatibility between my computer and idevices, especially with the introduction of iCloud. If a lot of other people are like me, seems like this is the ideal time for Apple to potentially make a dent in MS Office's market share by playing up iWork's compatibility across devices.


    I tend to think that the investment Apple continues to make iWork on iOS alone shows they have a significant commitment to moving forward with iWork. That said, it does seem very odd that they haven't released a new version in 3 years, especially since they continue to offer tweaks to improve compatibility between OSX and iOS versions.


    Could there be truth to the rumors from awhile ago that they were rebuilding the whole thing for 64-bit and have simply gotten delayed?

  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 Level 9

    KLasc wrote:


    playing up iWork's compatibility across devices.



    Unfortunately the iOS and OS X versions of these apps are in fact incompatible is various ways (listed in Apple technotes), and docs created in them will never be completely exchangeable as long as users cannot add their own fonts to iOS devices.

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    Come WTB NEW iWork 2012 do it apple!