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Hello everyone!
I have a iphone 3GS and used to sync it with my pc. But last month it crashed and had to do a reboot and lost all my files, music, photos, etc. Now I want to copy everything to the computer but when I try to do it, it just wiped off the songs and apps from the iphone (but of course i clicked "revert"). I need to copy from iphone to itunes since I'm considering get the iphone 4 and want to have the 600+ songs, lot's of apps and that.

Please, it's driving me crazy since haven't found an answer for this. Thanks for your help!!!

3gS, iOS 4
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    iTunes only allows you to sync purchases made on a device onto the computer, and you can re-download apps for free from the iTunes store. You can copy the rest of your music/movies/tv shows into your iTunes library from the backup on your external drive - if you havn't bothered to maintain a backup of your library then a search on google may find utilities that you can use to copy the content of your phone onto your computer.
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    Mac OS X
    Restore your data on the new computer from the backups you kept of the old computer. The iPhone is not a backup device, and data transfer is supported from the computer to the iPhone only, except for calendar, notes and contacts.

    If you have purchased music and apps on the iPhone you can transfer them to iTunes on the new computer by connecting the phone but do not sync, then choose "Transfer Purchases" from the File menu. this will only copy purchased music, not ripped.

    there is no supported way to transfer other content, however, there are some 3rd party applications for Windows and Mac that will allow you to see files on the iPhone. Google is your friend.
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    Thanks guys! I had no backup drive (I know, MY BAD!) I made a DVD copy from everything, except the music. Just bought 2-3 CD's from itunes but everything else was from the pc.
    Do you recommend any 3rd party app to "save" the music from my iphone?
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    Use iPhone Explorer -- an open source "app" (program) with PC & Mac versions. MacWorld distributed it a while back on one of those "free extra" CDs so I trust it. I just downloaded it again for my new Mac. I needed to sync my iPhone with my new computer but my pdfs & ringtones weren't syncing because I didn't get them through iTunes. IPhone Explorer lets you move files from your iPhone as if it was an external hard drive. I did this successfully with my pdfs and ringtones (some of which I had made myself or got from 3rd parties, which is why iTunes didn't have them). After I copied those items to my new computer, I moved them into iTunes and then the next time I synced my iPhone to the new computer, those files synced. It's a great little program.