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I have been fighting this for few weeks now! I have air tunes set up to play thru two sets of speakers in my house. It was working great for years - now, all of a sudden (after disconnecting it for a while) my older express base station is not working. I've figured out a couple things- one, it wants me to plug in an ethernet cord - I am not able to figure out how to tell it it doesn't use one - and the other is the IP address is conflicting with the base station. I've tried to manually override it but that doesn't work either. I've soft reset, hard reset, factory defaults, etc. I can see it every time I reset but can not get it to talk to the other units. Also, the firmware won't update on it either. It says its up to date (at 6.3). Help!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Hi, dreamermedia. Welcome to the forums!
    If your Express has 6.3 firmware, that means it's an older Express that doesn't support 802.11n. (6.3 is the highest version of firmware that model can use.)
    Are your other AirPorts set up in a WDS? (If you aren't sure, the answer is probably "no.")
    If not, configure the older Express to "Join a wireless network," and everything should be fine.
    But if you are using a WDS, you'll have to set up the Express to be part of the WDS. Let me know if this is the case, and I can provide further information.

    Post back with your results.
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    unfortunately, I can't join the network because of the conflicting IP address issue... I tried to manually override it but it is looking for the ethernet cable. Even when I have it connected by ethernet it won't save the updated IP.
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    Okay. Try this:
    1) Connect the Express to your computer via Ethernet and open AirPort Utility. If the Express doesn't appear in the sidebar, perform a hard reset.
    2) Select your Express in the sidebar. (Be sure to choose the right Express.) Then press "Manual Setup." Authenticate if necessary.
    3) Go to the "Wireless" tab. For "Wireless Mode," choose "Join a wireless network." Enter the name, security mode, and password of your wireless network. Then put a check in the "Allow Ethernet clients" checkbox.
    4) Press "Internet" in the toolbar, and go to the "TCP/IP" tab. Set "Configure IPv4" to "Using DHCP."
    5) Press "Music" in the toolbar and enable AirTunes.
    6) Press "Update" and allow your Express to restart. Once AirPort Utility says that the settings were successfully updated you can disconnect the Ethernet cable between your Express and your computer.

    Once the Express has finished starting up, look at the status light.
    If it's solid amber, the Express hasn't finished starting up yet. Give it some more time.
    If it's green, plug in the speakers and enjoy.
    If it's flashing amber, wait about 15 seconds for it to turn green. If it doesn't turn green, reconnect it to the computer via Ethernet. Open AirPort Utility and select the Express. (If it hasn't appeared in AirPort Utility's sidebar, choose "Rescan" from the File menu.) Press "Manual Setup," and authenticate if necessary. You'll see the summary page with information about your Express. Click "Status," which should be second from the top. (Click the word "Status," not the actual status.) Then let me know what problems the Express is reporting.

    Post back with your results.
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    thanks for trying - I can get thru the first steps but it doesn't show up on the restart without a reset - which of course puts everything back to default... this is so weird!
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    … it doesn't show up on the restart without a reset …

    This is after the restart in step 6, right? What if you leave the Ethernet cable connected instead of disconnecting it? Does this allow AirPort Utility to find the Express? Also, I've found that quitting and reopening AirPort Utility sometimes helps.
    Also, when this happens, what color is the Express's status light?