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I am trying to download my first HD movie. It seems to come in 3 parts--the non HD (about 300 MB), the extras, and the HD (3.3 GB). The first two parts downloaded quickly but the 3.3 GB is downloading extremely slowly--iTunes says it will take 77 hours. But that won't happen because occasionally it times out with a -3259 error.

I am running iTunes 10.1 on XP SP2. As I said--this is the only thing that has downloaded remotely this slowly. My internet speed (as per online test) is 8 Mbps. While this has been downloading I downloaded a 100 MB album is 3 minutes.

Do these movies come from a different server? I am using OpenDNS DNS servers--read somehow that might be an issue, but haven't seen any concrete solution.

I have tried turning my windows firewall and antivirus off. Tried stopping and restarting the download job. Apple support gave me some generic email with a few "solutions" like this. I contacted my ISP and they said there is no problem on their end.

Any ideas?


iTunes 10.1, Windows XP Pro