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Just purchased the ipod touch for my daughter-- (Christmas gift)

it has shut off and will not do anything---
I have it on charge, but it will not even register on the screen that it is charging--
any ideas?

it just shut off while she was playing on it....
could the battery be so run down that it is taking time to even show that it is charging?

Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Try a hard reset. Hold down the on/off button and the Home button at the same time. Hold them for at least 10 seconds (or up to a minute) until the apple appears on the screen. Then let the buttons go. The iPod should then be back to normal. Good luck.

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    Thank you! it worked!!

    this discussion board is so helpful!
    This is the second issue I've had and fixed very quickly!
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    I wanted to thank you as well. I had the same problem with my Ipod touch. It was fully charges but wouldn't turn on. Is the hard reset used as a last resort? and do you happen to know why this happens?

    Thanks for your help again!
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    Hello, I am having pretty much the same issue. And I've tried EVERYTHING that I've read up on (including your advice here) and nothing is working. My ipod touch battery was really low, but I was away from home so I didn't have the time to get to my computer right away to charge it and it died. Now my ipod screen is black, and it's totally unresponsive. I plugged it into my computer, (using the USB cord that came with it) to charge it, and nothing happened. There was no response on the ipod whatsoever, and my computer didn't even recognize it's existence. It's been dead for almost a week now, and I've tried every possible option. I pressed the home and sleep wake buttons in all the different combinations that I could find, and nothing worked. I don't want to have to go to the apple store, because I live in an area that is nowhere NEAR any of them. I just got my ipod for Christmas, and it was purchased at Walmart. My ipod is VERY well taken care of, so I know there was no damage done to it. It is dead, the battery is completely drained, and I know that's the problem, but I would like to be able to charge it and have it work again... I wish this wasn't so complicated!!! Is there ANYTHING I can do for it? Do you have ANY IDEAS for me at all? I am open to anything right now... I just want my ipod touch to work again!! Please help me??? :'-(
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    did you ever get this resolved and if so what did you do? Thanks
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    brilliant, it worked!! my son will now love me again!!


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    This happened to me too!!!!!! I was out of town when it happened and once i got home i put my ipod in my off brand ihome and it began to work. so try using other types of charging devices/