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Hey all, can't figure this one out.

The airport base station agent launches at start up and asks if I'd like to ignore or connect with password. When I choose connect with password the agent hangs, and either goes unresponsive or puts up a dialogue box saying "Could not connect to the disk. Make sure NetBios is enabled and try again (53)." Ususally it just goes unresponsive and I have to close it out. I did briefly have access for a coupple days mapped as "Z" and did a windows back up to it and saw it in "my computer" as drive "Z"

The airport utility itself sees and connects with the time capsule no problem to edit it's settings and so forth. The agent it seems which tries to mount the disk and map the drive with a letter seems to be failing or being blocked somehow. Antivurus software has been removed, the windows firewall ports are open both public and private for the agent AND the utility. NetBios is currently set back to "default" as changing it to "enabled" had no effect.

Thanks for any help YO!

Mac Pro, Windows 7, Mac Pro ealry 2008 with windows 7 installed on a dedicated disk
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    After setting this thing up as a disk only basically by going through the set up process, at the end, there is a dialogue box that says the time doesn't have a valid IP address. In the input field "router address", I entered and updated settings. The status light stopped flashing amber and turned green and now windows 7 explorer can see it and access it with no problems.