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Is there any way to prevent Aperture from ever automatically scrolling?

The way Aperture automatically scrolls in Browser mode after existing Viewer mode, and automatically scrolls to the top of List view after deselecting the last image of a selection, is driving me nuts!

All I want is no scrolling without me doing so. Surely there must be some way to turn off this MS Word Paperclip-like "feature"!


Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    In list view, or any other view, theres no need to deselect. Simply scroll from where you are, and select your next desired file without holding shift or command, and no auto scrolling will occur. Only the new file you select will be selected, unless you hold the shift or command keys which are special purpose.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for your reply.

    Apologies for this being wordy, but it's somewhat difficult to explain...

    List view scrolling isn't where I run into the auto scrolling behavior the most, but it is just as aggravating. The most common occurrence; The double-clicking round trip from Browser mode to Viewer and back to Browser. The thumbnails in the Browser will scroll so that the current selection is at the top. I find this very aggravating!

    The behavior in list view is basically this; With two Tabs open in the Browser, both set to list view, whenever switching from one list to another, the now non-active list will always scroll in one of two ways. One, the selection will scroll to the top. Or secondly, if no selection exists, the list will scroll to the top. Either way, my position in the list is lost.

    This behavior makes it IMPOSSIBLE to compare the content of two lists, because as soon as you try to manipulate the other list, your place in the first list is lost.

    Seems odd to me that I am the only one who finds this annoying. Or, it makes me suspect it is an issue with my system. I can't believe anyone would want windows scrolling all by themselves. In moments of frustration, I feel like Apple may as well remove the scroll bars all together, since as soon as I turn by back for a second, Aperture seems to disapprove of my choice.