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I just recently purchased a MacMini Server, and created a new open directory on there. I created a new OD user 'David'. My macbook had an existing user, 'David'. I then joined the macbook to the macmini server using the accounts screen and joining it to the network account server (the macmini). When I did that, all my login items vanished on the macbook.

I looked at the settings for the macbook on workgroup manager and saw that 'Login' preferences were set to Never Manage. I restored the login items from a TM backup, but they kept disappearing...

I then tried to manage once, and specifically set it to 'merge' login items. Still, they disappeared. I tried always; same results.

So, now I'm thinking that maybe I'm doing this wrong.. Should I not create an OD user that's the same as a local user on my macbook? How do I go about merging the local account with the OD account?

Also; I'd like to actually have my home directory on my macmini and keep a local copy/cache of it on my macbook.. What's the best way to do that?



Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    There are basically 3 types of accounts: Network, Local, and Mobility.

    You already had a local account created and then created a network account with the same name. Those two accounts work separately of each other.

    What you want is what I use - mobility accounts - basically the best of both worlds. You get the advantage of storing all the users content on the server so if they decide to log in on another computer everything is almost how they left it on the other computer (minus settings specific to those computers). You also get the advantage of storing the users content locally on the computer which reduces lag and network demand placed on the server.

    Unfortunately, I don't know of a way to change a local account into a mobility account and have it work correctly. Besides, mobility accounts can be finicky and can stop synching for whatever reason. The User Management manual for Snow Leopard Server has an entire section dedicated to mobility accounts that you will want to read, but if you want a quick way to set it up just go to Workgroup Manager, click on a user, computer, or group, go to preferences, go to Mobility, and under Account Creation set it to manage always and then check the box that says Create mobile account...