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Hi All,

Just thought I would post here and let you know of my experience with my iPhone this morning.

Well I have an iPhone 4 and have not really experienced any problems until this morning. Woke up as usual to the alarm on my phone get ready for work and go. Get to work and pull my phone out my bag when I get to the studio and press the 'MENU' button to see if I have any messages etc.....nothing happens! Check again and still nothing!

Press the 'ON' button and still nothing....then the 'ON' button and the 'MENU' button to force restart....nothing! I knew it was fully charged as I plug it into my dock at night, so by this time I'm getting a little frantic.

Start googling the problem and find I am not the only one, lots of people saying if you open iTunes and plug your phone in while holding down the menu button that it should reboot. Couldn't try that as I am in work and none of the computers have the most recent iTunes on.....so with that I ring o2 (service provider) and see if there is anything new they can tell me....nope, they tell me the exact same thing.

Anyway after being on the phone to the helpful guy on the other end my phone randomly switches itself on like nothing had happened. It's at that point I realised that it was probably a case that the studio was far too cold (as the heating had been off all weekend and you have to manually turn it on in the morning on Mondays) and it turned itself off in protest.

The point of me posting this is just in case someone else comes across the same problem, and they start panicking and googling like crazy like I did.

Safe to say I will now be purchasing AppleCare just in case anything like this happens again, but perhaps next time I might not be as lucky.

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