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I have ATT DSL directly connected via Ethernet to my mini. Starting about 4 months ago, I would go to get mail or use Safari and everything would just hang. All the lights are on on the modem and Network tells me green light on the Ethernet. I go through the reboot sequence and most of the time, all comes back to normal. I have called ATT a number of times and they find nothing wrong with the modem or the line. So, now I am wondering how to trouble shoot a DNS issue. Any suggestions would be great as I am ready to pull my hair out !

I realize that next time this happens, I will type in the ip address of a specific website and if it loads, I am on to something. But I have to wait for the failure to test such a scenario. I am hoping there is a log file or other means of testing that would alert me to this issue. Could it be that my DHCP renewal time is too long? Reset PRAM have anything to do with this?

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Mac Mini PPC, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Update. By 11 o'clock this morning, I could no longer load any internet pages nor get mail. I tried typing in an actual ip address as suggested by Apple. That would not load. I tried putting in DNS ip addresses. That did nothing. I reset the DHCP. Nothing. In desperation, I finally power cycled the modem and that worked.

    I finally ran ONYX and did a DNS cache flush.

    Now it is wait and see. I am really baffled and don't know what to do next. New Modem? New computer? All hardware tests are fine no glaring console messages either other than a timed out. But no kernel panic.

    Any help would be wonderful,