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*I've owned my iPod Classic for a couple of years now with very few problems and have enjoyed it immensely. The only problem that seems to continually happen is when I hook my iPod to an mp3 player such as a job site radio. What happens is that a song will begin to play and out of the blue at some point in the song, it'll skip to the next song before the one that was playing had finished. Conservatively I'd say it happens on 3 out 5 songs. It may happen 20 seconds into a song or it might play almost to the end and do it, but ultimately it will happen. Now, I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but the way the iPod hooks to the job site radio is through the headphone plug in. The reason I bring this up is due to the fact I have several devices I hook my iPod to but they hook to the other end and I never have problems with it. It's also not the job site radio either because a friend of mine hooked his iPod to my job site radio and it never skipped. Suggestions, solutions anyone?*

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    One thing that springs to mind (for me) is if you have the ipod sitting on top of the JSR and the JSR is turned up loud. In this situation, vibrations from the JSR speaker could be jogging the iPod, causing the iPod's hard drive to have trouble reading the disc.

    In fact, if the iPod is being vibrated/jogged about by a nearby hammer drill or some other heavy machinery, that may cause issues. If there is any chance of excessive vibration nearby, try placing something under the iPod to absorb the vibrations.

    +Yes, I'm assuming that you are near heavy machinery - it's implied by your use of the JSR. Forgive me if I'm wrong.... and if you'r on a beach sunning yourself instead - lucky you!+

    If that isn't the problem , then perhaps your iPod needs a Restore or the hard drive is on its way out.