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The Google box in the top right corner of web pages seems to be stuck on .com and as I live in the UK I need google.co.uk

Is there any way to change this as it is a lot more handy to use the small box than navigate to www.google.co.uk every time I want to make a search?

iPhone 4, iOS 4
  • Sickofpcs Level 1 (40 points)
    In settings / general / International make sure the region format is UK.

    My google is .co.uk

    Otherwise try changing the search engine - (settings / safari / search engine) to bing or yahoo search to see if they help?
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    That does not work. Only thing I have found that does change the Google search to Google UK is an extension that can be found here:




    Right click on the 'UK Search.safariextz (5 KB)' and save to your Desktop. Quit Safari and double click the UK Search.safariextz icon. Safari will ask you to confirm if you are sure you want to install.


    Works fine for me on Safari 5.1.3

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    The rubbish thing about this extension is that once installed it means you cannot ever search google.com. Even specifically going to google.com, you get redirected to google.co.uk.

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    I know this is an old post but if you go to http://www.google.com/ncr it will stay on google.com


    ncr is no country redirect

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    Good news, I have managed to change from google.com to google.co.uk with one click.  Initially I was being shown google.com results despite the fact that Google has detected my location as UK from the IP address (as others have stated above). If Google hasn't detected it automatically I expect there will be a way you can change it manually using the various settings options on Google.


    At the bottom of the google result page was a link "Use Google.co.uk" and clicking it was all I needed to do. Now I get results from google.co.uk. Although as Nicholas1601  says even typing google.com into the address bar still gives results from google.co.uk, there is a "Use Google.com" link you can click at the bottom of the page which changes the results back to Google.com.

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    spot on thanks!

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    Terrific spot, thanks. That's been irritating me for a while.