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Hi I got my iPad when it first came out. I was away for around month and didn't take my iPad with me. When I returned home to sync it up it simply wouldn't turn on.

I charged it for 20 minutes and still nothing, nothing on the screen. I tried the recovery mode thing and held both buttons down for at least 30 seconds with no results.

I don't if the battery is dead or what. Some say it might have been drained to zero and needs a while to charge, I currently have it plugged into aallcharger for 25 mins + now with zero results.

Please help, this *****.

iPad, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Sounds like you're already doing pretty much all you can. Do confirm that your charging source is good. You can't do that with your iPad in this case, so use something else to test it.

    If you can't ever get it to wake up, it's time to call AppleCare and let those guys start dealing with it.
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    Turns out after a few hours of charging it turned on and seems to be back to normal, now shows the battery bar which it wasn't showing before.

    The battery must have been totally drained!
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    Good deal! I wouldn't expect it to go totally dead from a full charge in a month, though, unless the battery were old or the temp well on the cold side.
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    Hello, welcome to Apple Discussions.


    Try holding the sleep/wake button (top right) and the home button (bottom center) for about 10 seconds. If that doesn't work then try doing the same procedure with it plugged into a power source.


    If that doesn't work then try this article:


    (it only says iPhone and iPod Touch but the process for the iPad is the same)

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    I tried everything I could research on this topic and nothing worked... My iPad simply would not turn on no matter what!  All I got was a perpetual black screen.  Oddly enough, I decided to try one last thing.  I'm not sure why this came to my mind, but I'm now glad it did.  In a last ditch effort before taking it in to an Apple Store, I connected my iPad keyboard dock into my iMac and then docked my iPad into the keyboard and presto!!  My iPad came back to life and iTunes finally recognized it.  I was able to transfer purchases, sync, and update my iPad.  I still have no idea why plugging it into the keyboard dock worked, but it did!

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    Jimmenycricket wrote:


    Turns out after a few hours of charging it turned on and seems to be back to normal, now shows the battery bar which it wasn't showing before.

    I've seen the same thing happen with my IP,IT and my Nano.  Also with a Garmin Nuvi GPS.  If the battery goes to "zip", it takes maybe up to 2 hours to get enough juice back into the battery just to start the charging process.  Must be the nature of the these new batteries.

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    PLEASE help!  I am afraid there is no saving my Ipad.  The last time it was working was about a month ago and the last thing I saw on the screen was the battery level in red so I plugged it in to charge.  Since then I can't get it to turn on whatsoever.  I tried the Home/Sleep buttons for FOREVER and I have had it plugged into every outlet in the house that my Iphone and Ipods work with.  All I see is a black screen on my Ipad.  Is there anything I can do?