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my iPad is experiencing problems where after 5 minutes of browsing pages stop loading and I get an error saying cannot connect to server. any ideas? my router is lnksys and this is getting really annoying to renew cache evey 3 minutes.

iPad 32 Gb wifi, iOS 4
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    I have had the same problems since upgrading to iOS 4.2.1. The WiFi connection will work for a few minutes and then quit. Apple has some recommendations for fixes, but no software update that I know of so far. Not all 4.2.1. users have the problem, just a lucky few of us.
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    Welcome to the Apple Discussions.

    One solution that has helped some users of Linksys and Belkin routers in particular is to power cycle the router. Make sure it is completely shutdown, not just reset.

    Then reset the network in the iPad.

    And if the problem persists, change channels in the router, there may be interference from another network causing part of the problem.