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    Hi there, I tried this, but as I bought this in Germany, in my account they don't appear... Thanks, anyhow, I think it's a very useful response.

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    Please read this and give us a solution!!!!

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    Mac OS X

    Yes, please APPLE

    give us the solution!!


    Lately I feel I hate to buy from the AppStore too many hassles

    When I can I still prefer to buy and download the apps  from the direct webpages



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    Mac OS X

    Why this problem shows that has been solved

    when it has not?

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    I just want this list cleaned up so I'm not scrolling over junk.


    Sorry, but a permanent record needs to be made of every App downloaded.  One never knows when this list may be needed, for review by "someone".

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    Sorry, but a permanent record needs to be made of every App downloaded.  One never knows when this list may be needed, for review by "someone".


    Sorry you feel like that.

    It's a problem, however you put a spin on it to sound alright.

    I ran into this problem lately when I wanted to reinstall an app I purchased through the app store but had to sift thorugh lots of junk free apps I downloaded and removed.

    Obviously, removal means removal.  Not "eh, let's keep it here in case he feels like reinstalling it."  A permanent deletion button should exist in order to flush things you never will ever care about.  (great example for me is "MailTab for Gmail".  I tried it, wasn't my thing, removed it, now I'm reminded about it everytime)

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    This is now possible in iTunes 10.5!

    Here's how:


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    Just open your puchased list in the AppStore. When pointing on a item in the list a little cross appears next to the column where it says installed - click on it and the app is gone.





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    Here's something that might help.


    Mouse over the app icons in the Not In My Library. You will see an X show up in the corner. Clicking on that X will at least hide the app from the list. I don't know if there's a way to ever get it back but who cares?


    You can do the same thing on your iPhone. Just swipe the app in Not On This Phone list to hide it.

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    Mac OS X

    There is now a way to do this.  If you look at apps in the Purchased list, there appears a small "X" button next to the Install button.  Clicking this removes the app from the list.


    If you change your mind or click accidentally, you can get it back by going into the "Manage Account" area.  After you log in, there is a section relating to "Hidden Purchases".  Go in there and you'll see everything you've removed from the main list, and a button to Unhide it.

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    On Your Computer: Go To Itunes Store>Purchased>Apps When You Scroll Over The App There Is An x In The Corner It Will Hide Them In The App Store And On Your iDevices


    Without A Computer (Thanx To IOS 5)


    On Your iDevice: Go To App Store>Updates>Purchased On The App You Don't Wish To See Anymore Swipe Left To Right And You Will See [Hide] Pop Up Beside It That Will Get Rid Of It For Every Day Use I Cant Promise If You Upgrade That It Will Stay Gone


    If You Accidendally [Hide] The Wrong App You Can Restore It By The Folliwing Method


    Go to the App Store Menu, choose Store > View My Account. You see iTunes in the Cloud. Click View Hidden Purchases. Click Unhide on the App.


    Hope This Helps All Who Have Posted Here..........

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    Regarding the Mac App Store...


    Nowhere else did I see any reference to the delete button (x). I clicked on it accidentally with the free purchase of my installed Xcode and it definitely didn't uninstall -- I had to do that using special instructions. My intent was to reinstall Xcode since there was something wrong with the prior installation.



    I tried the same sequence: I purchased an app (free one), installed it and it appeared on the Purchases list. I made sure the app worked and then I went into Purchases and clicked on X which immediately removed it from the Purchases list. But, the software is still installed and App Store still says it is Installed. I went ahead and dropped the app into the Trash and deleted all Trash contents. Now when I restart App Store, the app is Free for downloading. So, I guess App Store does some sort of survey of your system to determine which purchased apps are installed? Just trying to understand what App Store is doing...


    I guess what surprises me is that by clicking the X button next to a purchased app, contrary to the online Mac Store help that says you do that to uninstall it, you have effectively told the App Store that the purchase never took place!?!


    The Help Center's message is this:

    Remove an application purchased using App Store

    • Hold down the application’s icon in Launchpad until all the icons starts to wiggle, and then click the application’s delete button (x) to uninstall the app.



    As a result, you can erase all memories that you purchased the app and if you permanently delete the app on your PC and you want the app back, you have to repurchase it? Somebody mentioned looking back to your iTunes account for a record of Mac App Store purchses, but I can't seem to find it.




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    Yikes - I reread some of the posts and with the latest App Store, you can go into your Store > View My Account menu command. Under the "iTunes in the Cloud" section, click View Hidden Purchases and voila! There I found the two apps I "X"ed out and by unhidding them, they reappeared!


    So, I guess all is well again...


    I would like some sort of clear explanation as to how the App Store truly determines that an App is still installed - does anybody really know? Is there some sort of installation registry (like Windows uses) that even though you drop an app into the Trash, it still thinks the app is installed?


    Also, where some applications get a little complicated, like Adobe CS products or XCode I'd hate to accidentally have to repurchase when an uninstall/reinstall doesn't properly clean up.


    (sorry for this being so long winded.)

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    Ok guys I figured out what to do of you swipe your finger from the name of the app to the right a red box saying hide will appear CLICK THAT RED BOX if it worked for you


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    Little late but you can hide the purchased apps in the app store. Not completely delete them.