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my iPad will not turn on, last time it was on, battery life was at 65% rigjht before I shut it bdown, so I'm sure its not a dead battery. any suggestions?

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    Nell22 wrote:
    my iPad will not turn on, last time it was on, battery life was at 65% rigjht before I shut it bdown, so I'm sure its not a dead battery. any suggestions?

    First charge it a minimum of several hours, preferably overnight, +using the charger that came with the iPad.+ If are still some issues, read the suggestions on page 170 of the 4.2 User Guide.
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    Welcome to the Apple Discussions.

    Have you held the sleep/power button in for a few seconds to power up? If that isn't working, try a hard reset, hold both the sleep and home buttons until the Apple Logo appears. If that doesn't work, connect to your computer with iTunes open and see if it recognizes the ipad under devices.

    If none of those work do you have an Apple Retail store cloe enough to pay the genius bar a visit?
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    I have the same problem. At 65% battery life it not turn on. It is then second time. I held the sleep/power bottom in for cower up and my IPad not turn on. I connect to the charger and nothing happens. It had only three month and one month ago I upgrade it to 4.2 operation system.

    I left it alone for 3 days and press the sleep/power bottom and I see a battery picture in the screen then I connect the charger all the night. In the morning it was working again until the battery life drop down until 65%.

    I made the same thing write before and now I was using it waiting drop to 65% to probe if it re start holding both the sleep and home bottoms.

    I suspect something bad with upgraded to 4.2 OS and the manage of the battery life in this new OS.
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    i have same problem, but did not notice the 65% when it did not power up again. Now working but do not allow it to go past 65% power level... i hope they fix this soon, it is annoying to keep charging, and it kills the battery early...
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    Charge the batteries for several hours. Reset Ipad settings. Follow the suggestions on page 170 of the 4.2 User Guide.

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    You can do a detailed search of the discussions, going as far back as you like, and you will find no outpouring of complaints with how letting power drop below 65% causes iPad death. It's not happening. A few anecdotes mean nothing.

    Use it normally, in the way recommended by the User Guide. Follow the guidance provided in the linked articles on the iPad Battery and Charging and what have you.

    Make sure that once a month, or once every 30 charging sessions, you let the battery run down completely to very low levels and auto-shutdown. Following that, charge the battery up to 100% before using. This is to keep your battery's 'gas meter', the circuitry which actually provides the percentage, aligned properly.
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    My Ipad wont turn on. The battery was 100% and it was working early
    this day and so i set it aside and then it wont turn on im sure that
    the battery was charged and somebody help me.
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    No promises but a system Reset cures many ills:
    Hold down the on/off switch and the Home button simultaneously until you see the Apple logo. Ignore the "Slide to power off" text if it appears.

    A Reset does NOT delete apps, photos, movies, music or any other data.

    Also, you might wish to download the 4.2 User Guide. Pay special attention to page 170.
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    no suggestion.
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    I just bought my husband an IPAD not even 10 days ago and this thing already doesn't even turn on most the time. It's soooo dissapointing. Sometimes it will come on for a few seconds and turn right off. The battery is fully charged. My computer doesn't even recognize it. He's hardly used it and it's spent most of it's time in the box it came in. I did try to do the hard reset, nothing happened at all.
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    You tried the hard reset, but did you actually activate the iPad first? You have to connect the iPad to your computer and activate it in iTunes before you can use it. If you haven't done that, start there. Connect the ipad to your computer with the cord that was in the box. ITunes should start running on your computer when you plug in the iPad, but if it doesn't start, launch it on your own.

    If you have activated the iPad already read this first article for starters. Read all the way to the bottom where it talks about restoring the iPad. The other articles may be helpful as well.

    Frozen unresponsive iPad

    Unable to update or restore

    iPad not recognized in iTunes for Windows
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    Worked straight away, panic over, great advice.


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    I want to thank you for the reset advice, it worked. I was so upset when my device wouldnt turn on after only having it for 10 days. I was already dreading making a Genius Bar appointment (not so easy or convenient in Toronto), then thinking I would have to convince them I really didnt drop it or get it wet! So I was so appreciative of this advice when I searched for it.

    My bigger concern is WHY does this happen, will it happen again, and does it mean I should get an exchange for a lemon product? Or is this going to turn out to be a pervasive problem requiring a major recall?

    Thanks again


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    doesn't work for me....


    my Ipad ran out of battery, it doesn't charge in the regular wall charger, doesn't charge with itunes in Mac, doesn't respond for restore (home/power buttons together for almost a min). same black screen - also when I try different charger from my iphone etc. or if I try to open it with Itunes in PC.

    no sign for any life in anything I do.

    didn't fall, I didn't drop it or something.