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I'm asking on behalf of a friend, so please forgive any vagueness and missing vital information.

He is a relatively recent convert from Windoze to a Leopard running iMac and I am fairly certain that all relevant updates have been applied.

Recently (a matter of a fortnight or so, I believe) he has been unable to access either google.com or google.co.uk, receiving the message, for example: +Safari can’t open the page “http://www.google.com/” because Safari can’t connect to the server “www.google.com”+.

His Safari can connect to all other websites as normal and his Firefox can connect to all websites including google.com and google.co.uk

I, although with a different ISP and running Snow Leopard on an i7 iMac, can connect to google just fine.

We've deleted Safari's Google cookies, emptied Safari's cache, reset Safari, deleted the plist and run Repair Permissions.

He does not run Little Snitch or anything similar so I can't see any access "rule" that might have been unknowingly changed and I have run out of ideas as to where to look or what to do next.

If there is unsupplied information which might help track this down, I'll do my best to find and post it.

Thanks in advance.

27" quad-core i7 iMac, 1TB HD, 4GB RAM, Mac OS X (10.6.6), Also G4 eMac and G4 Tower
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    Quit Safari (Command + Q)

    From a Finder window select the Home folder from the Sidebar on the left, then open the Cookies folder. Move the Cookies.plist file to the Trash.

    Relaunch Safari.

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    Very many thanks, Carolyn - all done and dusted. He went straight in after deleting that file. :-))

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    Hmmm! A second bite of the cherry, if I may?

    The problem has returned after a very short while and deleting that plist again results in a short period of success followed by another google/Safari lockout.

    We have yet to identify any action which might trigger this problem although there is, doubtless, something somewhere - but what and where?

    Can anyone suggest what might be corrupting that file or what might be causing this google/Safari conflict?

    Or something else that we haven't thought of?
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    I know this is old post, but I am having similar trouble on a used MacBook.  Everything works fine on administrator login acct.  On Guest acct I can not access google (and a few others).

    I have also cleared and deleted things, but no the cookies.plist as suggested above.

    The Home folder being "Apple" with the house icon?  Where do I find "cookies" from there?  There are many folders and sub folders, but Im haing trouble finding cookies, found Cache, no cookies.