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hi all
instead of just audio narration for my keynote presentation i want to add video narration. ie. slide is up and a small window open on lower right of slide with myself speaking about slide and slide show continuing on with being able to see me speaking? do i need different software or should i be using imovie or another program? or is there another way to do this where you can see my computer screen and small window of video with me explaining what im doing on my computer

i can record for later views on youtube and also how do you do it with live video ? for live is that a webinar?
thank you for help

Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    anyone? is my question asked clearly..really need to figure this out...
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    Hi bman,

    If you are trying a add live video narration, Keynote doesn't handle that right now. Short of doing some sort of hack with iChat, I think you'll need to go to some webinar-type system.

    If you want to add pre-recorded video clips that act as narration, you could record a separate video for each slide, and create a build to have the video start when you want. You could position that video clip in the lower right of the Canvas. Keep in mind that a persistent video is not possible - each slide will have to Transition to the next slide, so your video will have to go away and come back. This can be avoided by having your entire presentation as one slide, but that gets pretty hard to handle after awhile.

    If you're looking to have a presentation that plays automatically and includes the video clips, you can make this work by adding a delay in the start of the automatic transition, usually the length of the video clip or a bit more, so that the video is able to play all the way through.

    Let me know if this makes sense and if it is what you were asking for. I can go into more detail if necessary...
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    You can fudge this together using iMovie. Export your Keynote to iMovie. Then create your narration videos and add these into your Keynote video.

    However, you could do this a lot easier with Camtasia or Screencast. You can record your video and Keynote slides at the same time.
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    Oops. I meant Screenflow not Screencast. Another software solution is Wirecast. I have not used either Screenflow or Wirecast.

    Screencast is part of Techsmith's service, who also made Camtasia. I use Camtasia and like it a lot.