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I have been using a "WD My Passport" as a simple hard drive where i drag and drop information from my internal disk. It has been set up to be used on my mac. No Partition created through disk utility.

Yesterday I took it to work to transfer information between two PC. When i connected it I realised it was set up only for Mac so I removed it. It seems the hard drive has been removed incorrectly as when I connect now back to my Mac it say that the disk cannot be read. The disk doesn't appear in "Finder" but seems to be detected in "Disk Utility". Unfortunately I cannot seem to apply functions like "repair" or "verify".
I have tried to use Disk warrior (from what i read in other forums) but the software doesn't detect the disk.

Can you please help me as I have now thousands of photos, music and lots of other information on it and I don't want to lose everything.


Underneath are the details i get from "Disk Utility"

Disk Description : WD My Passport 070A Media
Total Capacity : 749.45 GB (749,452,918,784 Bytes)
Connection Bus : USB
Write Status : Read/Write
Connection Type : External
S.M.A.R.T. Status : Not Supported
USB Serial Number : 57583*****31
Partition Map Scheme : Master Boot Record

These are the details of my computer system:

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2.66 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo - $GB 800 MHz, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    Hi MarcBart and welcome to apple forums.

    You mentioned that you the external WD was working fine before.... and you have not set any partitions on it.. can you tell me was it formatted on FAT32? Or something else.

    There is software for data recovery that i can recommend, but I need to know was what format was the drive.

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    Hi Goran,

    I have asked my IT department here at work to have a look.
    The Mac guy can see that it was formatted as FAT originally but he thinks the corruption came from the PC at work.
    They reckon by removing the disk without correctly following the Eject procedure is what has corrupted it.


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    Well there is still a way for you to recover the files, I have used on bad HDD's "Data Rescue" software for data recovery, and this is Bootable CD and does support FAT16, FAT32, in 4 words it does "support Mac and PC" And in your case I believe it was FAT32, so I will recommend you give it a shot.

    All of this depends how far you want to take it, and how important is the data on that hard drive.
    In case this method I mention above does not work you can do quick format on the drive and use another type of software that most of the time does get all the info on formatted volumes... Depends on what software you use for this. I have seen software for $35 that will do the job and I have seen software for $400..

    Like i said really depends how much this data is worth to you?

    Good luck,