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Hey all!
So here's the thing... I write my emails in spanish and english all the time. The other day I gave the spell checker (I've never used it before) a try. Before I realized I could not use it with both languages at the same time I hit the "learn" button quite a number of times. Some of the words the dictionary "learned" are english words that are written similarly (but not exactly the same) in spanish. This led to something I did not expect: now the dictionary does not correct those words in spanish because it "learned" that they were correct. I want to take it back as it was before.... Is there any way to "reset" the mail dictionary to the original settings? I do have Time machine backups by the way..... but I don't know where the dictionary is located..... Thanks everyone!

Best regards.

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    I don’t know a way to reset the who dictionary other than time machine. However, if it is a small number of words you can unlearn one by one.

    Type the spelling in the Spelling and Grammar window and click Ignore, or Control-click the misspelling and choose Unlearn Spelling from the shortcut menu.
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    I've been looking all over HELP [ ; -) ] for a solution to my small but irritating problems with spelling checker. One, until a discovered a variation during this search. So, two.

    I have been trying to find the spelling checker list of words it uses, including my additions.
    The most common issue is my clumsy fingers, always typing "teh" instead of "the". I figured that "teh" had somehow gotten onto the spelling checker list. I had set the automatic change long ago, but it never works (in Pages. I discovered five minutes ago that it suddenly works. I had copied your works onto a Pages page so i had it in front of me. I typed 'teh' and looked down to see 'the'. {Sounds like the car noise that goes silent teh moment your mechanic nears teh car!) I can see it doesn't work in this format, either. I'm missing something. What brought about the "cure"?
    Thank you. Maybe I could get an explanation without making an appointment at the G Bar.
    By the way, I love Pages. I love my Mac, too... 'but' I find it hard to get answers. I am frequently sidelined for a few weeks or simply put up with 14 duplicate notice/entries in iCal for an appointment yesterday!
    Hey, ya gotta have some sense of humor.
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    The user dictionary is located in your Home folder: ~/Library/Spelling