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Hi does a nybody know how i can reset the SMC on a brand new MBPro 13inch.320GB,2.4GHz,4GB,RAM? As were having battery problems,after calibrating the battery which was saying 100% fully charged,it now will not charge to 100% anymore plus it wont show the battery in time-mode,just %, & is not right,please can somebody advise us,thankyou

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4), iPhone 4/macbook Pro/ iPad 32GB/TCAPSULE 1TB
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    Thankyou,im not sure if this will sort the problem out but ill give it a go .
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    spiritlevel: As I advised you a week ago, you really need to stop obsessing over the battery in your son's MBP.

    If you are seeing the battery indicator show 98% or 96% and "Not charging", that's normal. The battery charges to 100% (or occasionally 99% or 98%, particularly if it hasn't been calibrated properly) and then STOPS charging. It doesn't begin charging again until the charge level falls below 95%, and while it's waiting for that to happen, it says "not charging". That's how it's meant to work.

    PLEASE read this article carefully with your son:

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    Hi ,Maybe he hasnt calibrated it properly then becoz it stops charging at 95% now since he calibrated it.
    Do you recommend he calibrates it again?
    Sorry to be a pain in the butt,but my mbpro says 100% & i have the same model .
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    I just replied to your other (3rd) post on this same topic and told you that the MagSafe stops charging at 95% - it's normal and you should stop fretting about this. If you leave it plugged in all the time it occasionally does trickle charge back to 100% but it's not something that will happen every time.

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    Aah , he has now reset the SMC & its now still orange on the power megasafe at 99& so it looks like it will now reach 100% again,Many thanks for all your help,it is appreciated,were just waiting for it to go green on the megasafe plug now so i will write in a minit

    What he did was unplugged the megasafe wall plug & let the battery drain til 90% then he reset the SMC now its charging over 95/96%,just waiting for it to turn green right now! Iis amber at 99%......

    well HALLELUJAH its just turned green & 100% ,it took 9 minutes from amber at 99%
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    *It is not true that the battery stops charging at 95%.* Assuming the charge level is below 95% when you plug the adapter in, it will charge until the battery is full (usually indicating 100%, occasionally slightly less), then stop charging, and resume charging only when the level falls below 95% — which it will eventually do, even if the AC adapter remains connected the whole time. All batteries slowly drain whenever they aren't being charged, even if they aren't being used either.

    The charging behavior I've described here is how Apple notebooks have worked for at least ten years.
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    Yes, that's exactly how it is supposed to work. But since you don't seem to believe anything you are told here, talk to Apple if you still think there's some problem with the MBP. Better yet, have your son do it. It's his MBP, right?