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My MacBook A1181 can't install os x, but can install and run windows xp system, why?

My MacBook A1181 can't install os x, but I can install Windows xp, windows 7.
I have two a1181 model macbook. The one is betterly start up leopard and windows.
The another only start up windows, but can't start up os x. I unplug the disk that can startup windows and leopard and put it on the A1181. But A1181 only can start up windows 7, can't startup leopard. It display: Not bootable disk, please insert bootable disk. I insert leopard install cd into this A1181. It can identify the Mac Install DVD.But double click the install DVD icon. It display:Can not Bootable disk. Why?How can resolve this problem.

a1181, Mac OS X (10.6.5)