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Tony Baker Level 1 (55 points)
Hi !

I have a Apple Intel Xserve running 10.5.8

It is being used as our iCal Server

We have just had a server crash, where we had to turn the server off/on

Now all users calendars are showing offline triangle
and accessing any calendar gives "The calendar was not found on the server"

I can see all the data on the server where it has always been

Can some please give me some urgent help to get this working again

I have restarted the service
It reports it is all working correctly

I have restarted some of the clients but still have the same error

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Xserve, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Intel and PPC systems
  • harry @ pmsi Level 3 (535 points)
    When your server restored OD, the user IDs (UID) may have changed. The calendars are associated with UIDs called principal_uid. To reconnect them if changed, a solution is to replace the UID in WGM Inspector with the previously assigned value.

    Using a restore OD archive or importing a previously exported user profile preserves the UID across restoration.

  • Tony Baker Level 1 (55 points)
    Harry thanks for taking the trouble....

    After the server crash, the OD was broken
    could not access WGM using diradmin login

    restored OD from Archive last night, can now access WGM but all my users calendars are still are showing offline.

    I exported my calendars, deleted my account, now when trying to reset up my calendar, I keep getting the following error being displayed

    The account information was not found
    The server has not specified a calendar home for the account at "/principals/_uids_/91FDE93F-E99A-5CD7-BC59-A0E6A41565F9/--https://server.company.co.uk:8443/".

    in the set up window the server path is showing as

    I am using kerberos for Authentication and using SSL

    TIA for any help that can be offered
  • harry @ pmsi Level 3 (535 points)
    At this stage I can only offer a couple of suggestions.
    1) start a new account and see if you get the correct behavior with a new calendar. If so then OD and iCalServer are coordinating. The effort would be to restore previous calendar data.
    2) if you feel comfortable with Terminal and the Command Line read
    about calendarservermanageprincipals at

    $ man calendarservermanageprincipals

    You can look at the account references in