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Kind of a weird issue I've never seen before... But... I did a fresh restore of my iPhone 4.. I've selected a bunch of apps that I want installed on my iPhone and some just aren't showing up in the iPhone at all..

This is where it gets weird.. If I look at the app icon preview thing in iTunes it shows it on the phone, but, on the phone there is no icon. I've tried rebooting (both phone and computer) closing in and out of iTunes and it still appears this way. Oddly enough, even if I unplug my iPhone and plug it back into iTunes, the app preview shows the specific app as installed even though it's not visible (or searchable) on my iPhone.

Anyone else see this issue?

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    try unchecking the application in itunes sync then recheck the icon and resync this may fix it im not sure but thats what I would try ..
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    Be sure to check your pages of apps and see if the new app was imported into one of those. In some cases, it will find the closest page from the first one and place the application in that spot. If you've compacted all your apps into folders onto a single page, it will appear on the next page.

    A second way to locate the app is to utilize the search engine. Press home once, then again to pull up the search engine and start typing the title of the app.


    Note to remove the app as a last resort. If you have already used the app and remove it, chances are your saved data will also be removed.
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    I have a similar issue but i am missing whole pages of apps have tried full restore but still happens driving me mad.
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    Managed to sort out my issue after lots of searching, might also help you out cipher.

    The apps that were not loading actually were not in my app folder on my laptop. Luckily i do back that folder up on an external hard drive after conecting it all the apps got synced.

    If you go into you go to you app tab in the library on itunes and you have an ! mark next to it it means itunes can not find it so it looks as though it is there and will show on the app page on your phone on itunes but not have been loaded.

    Hope this helps
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    Weird, but, the issue was the following...

    When I went into Apps, the app had an exclamation mark next to it.. When I single clicked on the app, the exclamation mark went away and it sync'd just fine.. No explanation really.. The apps were in the proper folder.. Just for some reason it needed a little click.
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    We had this problem, and it was mystifying me.  Finally figured it out:


    Do you have restricitons on with your phone and is the app for an age range outside those restrictions?


    We had trouble installing Kik (an instant messaging app), and we figured out that the app is rated for 17+.  I had set his app restriction to 12+. I guess he earned enough of my trust to upgrade the restriction.... voila!  Now the app is visible!


    Hope this helps some parent out there who was beating their head against the wall to solve this problem.