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hi, my company is currently looking into the possibility of using ipad and mobile printer for our sales force. we planning to use the ipad for our saleman to create sales order and print the receipt to the mobile printer like intermec pb50. i had span quite some time searching for info on how or can the ipad communicate to pb50 via bluetooth and print the document.

do anyone have info regarding this topic?

thanks in advance.


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    As things stand, what you are asking just can't be done.
    BT connectivity is very limited on the iPad.
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    For what it's worth, in a test environment, using WePrint, I was able to get the iPad to print using it's own wi-fi to a corporate workstation via the wi-fi card of the workstation. The printer was setup on the workstation using Windows XP. I didn't test it, but it almost seemed to be some type of peer-to-peer connection Not sure if this will help, but I thought it was cool that WePrint would talk, wi-fi card to wi-fi card and send the print job that way.
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    Hi Vincent,

    I have a similar problem. We also want to do mobile business with an iPad application (creating sales order, delivery notes, etc.) and want to print out on a mobile printer device. At this moment only some desktop printer from HP are able to print via aiprint interface (wireless).


    The stupid thing is that you use a mobile touch pad and the market does not offer any mobile printer.

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    If you're still looking for a way - then take heart from the fact I've been happily printing for a while from my iPad to my battery-operated HP H470 with absolutely no wires (and no router / pre-existing WiFi connection - it operates in AdHoc mode) for a while.


    I couldn't find any info on a true mobile printing solution for iPad (or iPhone/iPod for that matter) but felt sure it must be possible, somehow - so once I'd sorted it all out, I wrote down the solution and the steps to get it to work in the hope of helping others:


    http://genuinely-original.blogspot.com/search/label/iPad Printing


    Hope that helps.





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    its a long shot but you might want to have a look at the brother rj4040 mobile printer and install the print n share app

    failing that ask some printing app developers (i think its eurosmartz for the above app) if there is a more suitable solution specifically for your companies needs

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    There is now an app to print on ipad and mobile recipt printers using bluetooth.  I have used Mobi print in conjunction with Google docs, as well as filemaker to print PDFs using the mobi print app and zebra imz320's.. As long as you can generate a PDF or a webpage displays your info you are good.  With Chrome you also can turn a webpage into PDF, then open it in a app called Mobi print.  mobiprintapp.com

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    HP has a product now that enables their mobile printers to work with the default AirPrint that iOS devices use. Here is a video on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zVfCpT4X84

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    A lot of years and iOS's later. But I have written an app to print out a fillable PDF file to a bluetooth low energy printer (like the very affordable Rongta Tech RPP300). Interested, drop me an email.