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All of a sudden my iPhone refuses to charge from USB and a wall outlet. It also doesnt get detected at all in Windows or by iTunes. I've tried various methods about resetting holding power and home button but it still doesn't work. Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix it? Thanks

iPhone 4, Windows 7
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    To me it sounds like ur usb cable is no longer good.
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    Anything else I can try beforeI go out and buy a new cable just to check?
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    If you're using variant USB cables and wall chargers but not getting a charge whatsoever, there may be a problem with the iPhone itself. I'd visit a Carrier/Apple store and have the unit inspected for battery charging problems.

    If you are using the same USB cable and unplugging it from PC and putting it on a wall charger, it may be the culprit and you can use any other USB to iPod cable to recharge the device. USB to iPod cables from today all the way back to the first or second iPod Nano models can work with syncing and charging.
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    Yea I am using the same cable as I do not have another one in the house. I find it strange it would suddenly just stop working, I was charging it last night from the plug outlet, unplugged it and then ever since it wont connect to PC or charge by wall socket again, my battery is now on 40% if I dont fix it soon it will die D:
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    It may very well have died from the consistent changing from low voltage to high voltage. Swapping back and forth on voltage currents (PC carries 4 volts, Wall carries 9 volts) can cause wear and tear which more than likely burnt it out.

    I usually recommend having two or more cables available versus just one. Then one cable can be your wall charger and the other your computer charging cable. I carry around four charging cables myself since I travel alot. PC, work desk, car, travel battery pack.
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    Thanks for the info Joe, do you know if apple will replace a faulty cable if my phone is under warranty from my network provider or will i just have to buy a new one, and where can i get official apple usb cables, been searching online and all i get is cheap knock offs that i wont trust, im from the UK btw.
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    If you've purchased the iPhone within the alloted waranty time, you can visit Apple or the carrier store for a replacement cable if it came with the iPhone. If they can't replace the cable for free, they'll charge you a few pounds for it.

    Some trusted third parties you can utilize would be called Griffin Technology or Belkin which usually come with wall chargers sold for the country. On average it's the same price as the Apple branded cable sold here in the US give or take a few extra dollars.
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    Just tried a different cable and still wont charge or be recognised, getting worried now "/
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    Hi had the same problem with my iphone my problem was the usb driver for apple that was the cause.To be exact the inf file was the culprit .
    1.Go to device manager ,under usb serial bus controllers ,apple mobile device driver should be seen,If not do this first connect iphone to computer switch to camera this should start installing driver for the camera of the iphone check the portable devices in Device Manager Apple Iphone should be seen then go down to the Universal Serial Bus Controllers now you should see the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver right click on and click on update driver browse on computer for driver software
    Navigate to C:\Program Files\CommonFiles\Apple\MobileDeviceSupport\Drivers\usbaapl.inf.click on this file and you should now have this working.Talk about pulling out hair for this easy fix like others before me reninstalled all the software again again for ditto.I hope this works.Let me know cheers
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    Beefc0ke's answer fixed my problem.  I updated the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver (it had the yellow question mark) and now all is well in my world.


    Thanks so much!

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    Beefc0ke's answer worked for me! At least for my issue of not being able to charge/connect via my laptop. Now to figure out why I cannot charge my iphone 4 from a wall charger.


    Thanks for fixing 1/2 my issue though!

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    Im having this problem and im about to panic. ok, so im using a mac and i dont know where to find the information from your post can you tell me where to locate all of this. thanks