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I am trying to get my macbook pro i5 to play streaming netflix.

I used to do it on my win7 HP laptop for some time and it works nice.

on my mac, quality went down, when I tried to figure out why, I found out that the netflix stream is of lower quality.

I used ctrlalt+shifts when in the netflix playback window and see the actual bitrate and what is it buffering into..

on the PC it goes from 500->1500->2600->3800->2600->3800

on the mac it does 500->1000->500->1000->1500->500->1000

they are both connected wirelessly to the same setup:

mac - Airport N (transmit rate 117MB/s)
pc - internal wirelless G 45Mb/s

TP-LINK 1034ND Wireless N router (very strong one) - 3 antenas

Thomson cable modem on a 12Mb/s connection

and two ISP subscriptions were attempted, I also tried each computer connected directly to the cable modem.

still the PC provides me with superior streaming bandwidth. how come mac is having hard time ?

macbook pro i5, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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