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  • moshem Level 1 (0 points)
    1. Done, no change

    2. Done , no change

    3. probably won't help

    can't get why the mac is slow while the PC is fast...
  • a brody Level 9 (65,743 points)
    Delete iTunes from the Startup Items in the System Preferences - Accounts.
    Restart, and try again

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  • moshem Level 1 (0 points)
    Ok, iTunes Helper removed from login items.


    also deleted Sliverlight again, Reset Safari.

    I then opened just Safari and went into NetFlix which prompted me to install SilverLight, after which it began playing the movie.

    sadly, it is still much slower than my PC.
  • a brody Level 9 (65,743 points)
    Maybe it is a sign of bad RAM being installed. If you get any four language screens saying you must restart your computer now, that's another sign. You can run the hardware test that came with your Mac, and sometimes detect bad RAM, but not always.
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    No four language screen. and I must say that other than this network performence problem, my MAC is flawless and really speedy.
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    can it be related to the fact SilverLight can't get hardware acceleration on the mac ? with nVidia gfx active. is that how silverlight works on your MBP ?

    I used the ctrlalt+shiftD to get info

    see screenshot for data:

    maybe that is the reason the bandwidth is capped ?
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    more data from the sliverlight player, indicated no hardware acceleration takes place with the latest SilverLight installation

    System Info
    Platform: MacOSX
    OS Version:

    GPU Info
    Vendor: 10DE
    Device: 0A29

    Browser Info
    Browser: Safari
    Browser Version: 5.0.3
    UA: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 1066; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.19.4 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.3 Safari/533.19.4

    Display Info
    Screen Size: (1680,1050)
    Screen Avail: (1680,980)
    Client Size: (1033,885)

    Isolated Storage:
    Quota: 1048576
    Avail: 1040384
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    I didn't have a chance to test it on my Mac till now. But I can see now the source of the problem. It is a bug in the Netflix software. They max their Mac speed at a manual selection of 1500. I don't know what shortcut you used on the Mac, but when I do it on Safari 4.0.4 on 10.6.2, buffering rate can't be selected above 1500. So it would appear the problem is Netflix's software. Contact Netflix and let them know the Mac software is still limited to 1500 and this is too slow for your internet service. Mine, it never has been a problem, since I have 7 Mbps.
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    Actually, I don't have that problem at all..

    the altctrl+shifts dialog allows me to choose manual bitrate of up to 3800.

    I can choose...but it won't work.
  • a brody Level 9 (65,743 points)
    Interesting. Maybe they need you to use a different web browser. But as I say, I'm not using either the most current web browser, or the most current Mac OS X. The fact it limits me to 1500, and I don't see a problem, suggests something else is eating up more bandwidth on your system. Turn off all file sharing in your system preferences.
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    Are you sure you have the latest? On chrome, my manual selection is also capped at 1500.
    I'm using it right now, rock solid 1500/1500 for Shutter Island full screen.
  • lowfokus Level 1 (105 points)
    Nevermind, it is the same version I have.
    GPU acceleration on my i7 MBP is not enabled either. The only differences I notice between mine and yours is I'm using 83MB of memory (you are using 14MB), playing bitrate of 128 (yours reads 64). Your frames rendered is 24, mine are 30 (PAL maybe?). And finally my buffer size is 258/242 seconds.

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    I think I got it for you.

    You are playing and buffering at the same speeds. Limit your playback to less than 1000. You are only buffering at 1000, thus, if your buffer is only 20 seconds or so, and your play rate exceeds your buffer, you get choppy/stuttering video. Limit it to 500 and keep the diagnostics up to see if it plays correctly.'
    In other words, my playing bit rate was 128/500, buffering bit rate is 128/1500.

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    Here is someone that had this problem on XP, and this is how he got it to limit the playback:
    Limit the buffer to 500. Wait until Silverlight realizes the buffer is way slower than the playback.
    Return video to beginning, and then the play rate should not exceed the buffer rate. (500/500).
    The stream should stay that way, according to him. ight-workaround-for-windows-xp/

    All in all, I don't know anymore if that really does solve your problem, but it is a work around for crummy video. Sorry I can't be of more help than that, but if I do run across a real solution I will shoot it to you.
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    Thanks for your feedback.

    7M/s connection should suffice for full HD at 3800 kbps (it needs about 3M)

    Shutter Island is not offered in HD so it has to stop at 1500 kbps.

    I am using the latest browser an MacOS versions, and tried it in Chrome, FireFox and Safari, I get the same result and I can change the bitrate to 2600, 3600 manually.

    The problem I am having is not stuttering video or streaming, it is not taking advantage of the more bandwidth I have (12Mb) and stays at the 500->1000->1500 bitrate.

    on the MBP, hardware acceleration will only activate in fullscreen! and it will only do so when using the intel video card, with nVidia even if you go full screen, it will still be FALSE. problem is Intel video can't handle HD content right... and in anyway silverlight will not try to get the HD version and is still capped at 1500(!)